Tsukiji Tuna Auction Tour with a Guide during the night

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Experience the energy and excitement of early morning at Tokyo's premier Tuna Auction at the Tsukiji fish market in this tour with a private guide! The tour starts from early morning around 1:00 am.

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  • Experience the energy and excitement of early morning at Tokyo's premier Tuna Auction at the Tsukiji fish market.
  • Queue up starting from 1:00 am to be one of 120 people permitted daily to access the highly-sought Tuna Auction.
  • Gain insight into the history and wholesale activities at Tsukiji Market from your professional tour guide.
  • Enjoy a fresh sushi breakfast at a recommended sushi restaurant in the Tsukiji area, at your request.

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Train station near Tsukiji Market, or if you book the pick-up add-on, any hotel inside Tokyo's Yamanote Line, or within 10 minutes of any station on the line.

Important Information

Due to the upcoming transfer of the market to a new location, the availability of tours in October, November and December cannot be guaranteed until a few weeks prior to the date.

※ Please note that flash photography and alcohol are both strictly prohibited at the auction, and anyone indulging in these may be ejected without warning

※ In the very rare case that you cannot watch the Tuna Auction because of the limited number of visitors admitted every day, you will receive a partial refund of $50 USD as the rest of the tour will still take place.

※ What to Expect During the Morning of the Tuna Auction:
- Visitors are recommended to arrive at the Tsukiji Fish Market at around 1:00 am for the Tuna Auction Registration process.
- Only 120 visitors will be permitted access to the auction arena.
- The 120 visitors will then be split into 2 groups to view the auction separately (keeping numbers of spectators and distractions to a minimum).
- Please understand that other visitors will also be taking photographs, so we appreciate your patience and understanding when taking photos at the tuna auction.
- Expected waiting time is around 2 hours in a waiting room.
- Duration of the auction itself is about 20 minutes.

※ Please do not bring strollers or luggage to the market, as the passageways are very narrow.

What you need to bring

- Casual clothing and comfortable shoes are strongly recommended. Please note that sandals are not allowed inside the market.
- A light jacket is recommended as the auction room is chilly.

Meet your host :
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Hi we are a travel agency, offering Tsukiji tours. National guide will take you there. Here will be closed at least next year, so you should see this Japanese traditional fish market. Looking forward to meet you.
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Reviews (81)

  • Adam Adam

    Definitely a waste of money - tour guide was kind but added very limited value!

    The tuna auction was cool and walking around the market was fun but having a guide was pretty useless and a large waste of money. My guide had virtually no knowledge of the history of the market, the seafood industry, tuna, etc. - based on other reviews that's why I signed up (people said their guides were very knowledgeable of the history, were very experienced with the market, etc.).

    Our guide was very kind and personable - nothing against her - she just didn't really add much value when it comes to the market, how fish are bid on, where the fish are sourced from, different species, etc.

    Other friends who visit Tokyo I will suggest they just go to the market by themselves and further I'm going to suggest people avoid Voyagin as the cost / benefit is simply not there. In all the traveling I've done globally, this was one of the more expensive guides and really only for a few hours of walking around pointing out different vegetables outside of the fish market. I met a fellow traveler who did a tour with another company - his guide had worked at the market for over 20 years! He said it was great because his guide knew everything - not the case here...

  • Claire Claire

    No need to have a guide

    To see the auction is a wonderful experience but you really don't need a guide for this. Nobu was very nice but did not add any value to the experience

  • Alan Alan

    Ken was an awesome guide!

    Ken was an awesome guide, and was very patient in explaining to us the history of the market, and also how it is operated. He also brought us around to the marketing shopping area after the tour and showed us the interesting places. He also gave us some recommendations on places to visit in Tokyo. Overall we had a great time with Ken, thanks Ken for all your hosting!

  • Martin Martin

    Most useless 200 USD ever.

    Your guide was on time, very polite.
    Your offer for that price is a joke. There is minimal or no added value to have a guide for this event. Most did not pay anything to get the Same benefit.

    Great you made 200USD from me.. but your company will not get not even 1USD more from me for any other tour

  • Abigail Abigail

    An unforgettable experience at the market

    Had such a great time taking the tour with our guide Chika. Waiting in line all night for hours to watch the auction is challenging, but Chika came prepared w/ lots of great information and even brought a powerpoint! It was wonderful getting the chance to chat with a local for so long, and she gave us some great suggestions on other things to try during our stay in Tokyo. The auction itself was such a cool experience, definitely something you have to try once. It's such a unique event and getting the chance to watch up close was unforgettable. Afterward Chika showed us around and helped us find a great place to get sushi away from the crowds. For other tourists, I would definitely recommend having a guide. The market is very big, full of activity and overwhelming. It would have been super challenging to navigate on our own, and the added bonus of learning all about the process before we watched really added to the experience.

  • John John

    Great and interesting tour! Yuko is the best.. thanks!

    It's an early morning and a long wait but Yuko took wonderful care of us. The auction is such a unique and interesting experience, very cool to witness. We really enjoyed exploring all the stalls and vendors at the outer market after and trying some of the different foods. Thanks Yuko!

  • Sam Sam


    It is absolutely worth it to do the tour with Yukio. He knows all the right people, knows where to stand and knows what to recommend. Other tour goers were extremely jealous and trying to get his information and ask him questions. He's a terrific tour guide. Book him today!!

  • Lorraine Lorraine

    Well worth getting up very early for. A unique experience

    Yukio was a very knowledgable guide and helped us to understand the history as well as how the tuna industry works in Japan and the part the auction plays in this this. He introduced us to one of the whole sealers who has worked in the tuna business for 58 years. Now 74 and has no plans to retire. He is the 10th generation in his family to work in the business. Fascinating. Yukio also gave us information about japaneses culture, food, culture and places to visit in Tokyo. He recommended a great sushi restaurant in the market where we had breakfast after the auction. thank you Yukio

  • Partyfl Partyfl

    Our guide, Yukio Akashi, was great. The info provided before and during the auction was good.

    Our guide, Yukio Akashi, was great. The info provided before and during the auction was good.

  • Aaron Aaron

    Amazing experience

    Our friendly guides, Yukio and Kiyo were very knowledgable about the history and the operations of tsukiji market. They answered all of our questions and gave us some quite astounding facts about what goes on here. It would have been a very different experience without them as not many at the fish market speak english.