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Tsukiji Tuna Auction Tour with a Guide during the night

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Experience the energy and excitement of early morning at Tokyo's premier Tuna Auction at the Tsukiji fish market in this tour with a private guide! The tour starts from early morning around 1:00 am.

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  • Experience the energy and excitement of early morning at Tokyo's premier Tuna Auction at the Tsukiji fish market.
  • Queue up starting from 1:00 am to be one of 120 people permitted daily to access the highly-sought Tuna Auction.
  • Gain insight into the history and wholesale activities at Tsukiji Market from your professional tour guide.
  • Enjoy a fresh sushi breakfast at a recommended sushi restaurant in the Tsukiji area, at your request.

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Train station near Tsukiji Market, or if you book the pick-up add-on, any hotel inside Tokyo's Yamanote Line, or within 10 minutes of any station on the line.

Important Information

※ Please note that flash photography and alcohol are both strictly prohibited at the auction, and anyone indulging in these may be ejected without warning

※ In the very rare case that you cannot watch the Tuna Auction because of the limited number of visitors admitted every day, you will receive a partial refund of $50 USD as the rest of the tour will still take place.

※ What to Expect During the Morning of the Tuna Auction:
- Visitors are recommended to arrive at the Tsukiji Fish Market at around 1:00 am for the Tuna Auction Registration process.
- Only 120 visitors will be permitted access to the auction arena.
- The 120 visitors will then be split into 2 groups to view the auction separately (keeping numbers of spectators and distractions to a minimum).
- Please understand that other visitors will also be taking photographs, so we appreciate your patience and understanding when taking photos at the tuna auction.
- Expected waiting time is around 2 hours in a waiting room.
- Duration of the auction itself is 30 - 45 minutes.

※ Please do not bring strollers or luggage to the market, as the passageways are very narrow.

What you need to bring

- Casual clothing and comfortable shoes are strongly recommended. Please note that sandals are not allowed inside the market.
- A light jacket is recommended as the auction room is chilly.

Meet your host :
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  • 廣東話 (Fluent)

Hi we are a travel agency, offering Tsukiji tours. National guide will take you there. Here will be closed at least next year, so you should see this Japanese traditional fish market. Looking forward to meet you.
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Reviews (57)

  • Joy Joy

    Thoughtful and knowledgable guide

    Tetsuya Tsukamoto is a guide with deep knowledge of Tsukiji and its people. He is curious and will ask the shop owners questions and record down in his tiny notebook if there questions he is unsure of. He was able to tell us stories about the shops, people as well as the products in the huge market. A guide enable you to better understand the place and its people beyond just a market.

    We are grateful to him as we lost our way and arrives later than 2.30am as agreeded but he manged to secure the 2 slots for us in the Tuna tour though it was actually filled up by 2.30am for that morning.

  • Rachel Rachel

    Informative and nice to have someone by your side

    Our communication with our guide was great, responsive, and started weeks before. He was able to suggest a good meeting time and place and then as he took another tour earlier realized we should arrive earlier. I sent him pictures of us, and he sent us a picture of him so there was no doubt. While you do not *NEED* a tour guide to do the tuna auction it sure is nice to have someone who knows the ropes, has done it before, and can answer any questions you might have.

    He brought us cushions to sit on while waiting for the auction to start and that was a really nice, considerate touch!

    All in all Kiyo was informative and a great guide to have nearby. When the auction ended we didn't go through the market as we'd done that another day, so he suggested that we go to get some sushi and he got us into a itty bitty hole in the wall (like 10 barstools with virtually no room between the barstools and the wall) for some nice, fresh sushi at 6AM on the dot. He helped us clarify which way we needed to go on the subway and actually walked all the way down to the platform with us.

  • Lisa Lisa

    Super awesome experience !

    Extremely pleased with the experience. Yukio is a super awesome host and he ensures we had the best seat, introduced us to auction master and to the best Omakase for breakfast.

  • Tomoe Tomoe


    We're so glad that we could see the auction before Tsukiji's closing. Tetsuya was so knowledgeable and gentle. He knew everything about Tsukiji. It was a bit hard to wait for a long time, but we could see the auction from the very best place thanks to him.

    This activity is a MUST while you're in Tokyo.

  • Laurel Laurel

    So much fun, and very interesting

    It was well worth waking up so early for this tour! Tsukamoto-San was so knowledgeable about the history of the auction and the auction process. Having everything explained throughout the experience made it much more enjoyable.

    Tsukamoto-San was very also very entertaining, and kept us laughing throughout the tour. Thank you for a great morning!

  • Mary Mary

    Great experience!

    The visit to the Tsukiji Fish Market and the private tour of the tuna auction was a great experience! Our guide was Tetsuya-san -- such a nice, generous and knowledgeable man. We really respected his entire approach. He was in fantastic humor the entire of waiting for the auction to open; explained so many details to us; gave us a tour of the produce market afterward -- and all this in the pouring rain. He is a good man, and this is a great experience for anyone truly interested in food in general and Japanese culture in particular. Thank you!

  • Nicola Nicola

    Tsukiji Nigh Visit

    Fantastic guide and awesome experience - I highly recommend it!

  • Farida Farida

    I love the experience.

    This is what traveling is all about.
    See, learn, and or do things that are new for us.

  • Karla Karla

    Long wait, well worth it!

    We had a great time with our guide Tetsuya Tsukamoto at the Tsukiji Market and the Tuna Auction. Meeting time was really early at 2:30am but this ensured we were amongst 120 lucky participants. The auction was a whirldwind 20 minutes but awesome to witness. Don't miss it!

  • Andrea Andrea

    Sushi aficionado's dream come true

    With Katsuhiko, we had an amazing insider's experience to the Tsukiji fish market and tuna auction. He led us around and gave us a private tour of the fish market before it opened to the general public. As a sushi aficionado, it was a dream come true to see our favorite sashimi as fresh as could be: live and still flipping. Amazing. Our tour guide Katsuhiko was knowledgeable and very nice. Highly recommend!

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