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Reservation for the Game World at the Capcom Bar in Tokyo

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Hi everyone,
We are Voyagin Concierge Service.

There are so many great restaurants, theme parks and other attractions in Japan waiting to be discovered, but they can be so hard or even impossible to experience if you don't speak Japanese!

Not to worry! We are here to help you out with your tickets, passes and reservations so you can easily make your plans before you arrive and have the best possible time when you're here.

Forget the stress, fix your plans and don't miss out!

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Reviews (9)

  • Laetitia Laetitia

    Really awesome ! The team is great ! Really good experience for capcom's fans (and Monster hunter's fan ;D)

    Thank you very much ! the experience was really great !
    Haha I love MH's franchise so much, I was so happy :D !

    Thanks from Tahiti !

  • Irene Irene

    Cute bar but underwhelming

    The bar was quite small and cute, and the staff were really enthusiastic. However the food was a bit overpriced and mediocre in quality. There was only 1 or 2 game stations which made it a bit too awkward to get up and play since everyone would be looking at you. I had expected there to be booths for each table with some games which would make this great fun for a group of friends, but that was not the case. Finally, it would have been great to take home a small Capcom themed souvenir but literally all of the reasonably interesting items were 'sold out' (quite disappointing!). Only a few stickers and bracelets were left; none of the art books or plushies.

  • Phillips Phillips

    Glad we made the reservation but restaurant is just OK

    Glad we made the reservation as the opening sitting was full so thank you Govoyagin. As for the restaurant the food was just OK. The drinks looked cool but didn't taste good. We were happy that we got to experience it but if you miss it, you are not missing much.

  • Cynthia Marie Cynthia Marie

    Fun time at the Capcom Bar

    We had a great time at the Capcom Bar! My son loves Resident Evil and Ace Attorney so he was so excited to see all the references in the menu and decor. The food was very good. I loved the carbonara. The drink i ordered was so cute and it had gun-shaped ice cubes. The brain cake tasted fine but dissecting it with a tiny samurai sword was the best part. They had a lot of out-of-stock items in their merch shop. Hope the stocks can be replenished more efficiently. I would definitely recommend this place to fans of Capcom games.

  • Daniel Daniel


    made a booking for four of us all the way from Australia. Loved it.
    Great atmosphere, very reasonable pricing (especially the drinks!)
    Cocktails were the highlight. Very cleverly presented and tasted great.
    If you're a gamer like many who visit, you'll appreciate the reenactments from the staff, background music is all from Capcom related video games and ofcourse each table coming with a screen, game and 2 controllers to play with while you wait for your meals to arrive.

  • Tom Tom

    Diffenently worth a try when going to japan
    Amazing food and the staff were awesome ^-^"
    Thanks ^-^"

  • Jessica Jessica

    This was lots of fun! They really spent time making each plate very true to the video game it was referencing. Even if you're not a fan of games, you'll enjoy the spin they put on drinks and foods here. They have such a way with detail, you can play videogames, and the way they do split tenure is quick and efficient. I highly recommend it to long time videogame fans and their friends.

  • Christian Christian

    Great fun for fans of Capcom games

    If you are a fan of anything made by Capcom you will love this. I generally do not like theme restaurants but this place is awesome. The game decoration and the food are really well done. The staff love being there too and that adds to the great atmosphere

  • daniel daniel

    Rip off! Rip off! Rip off!

    Complete waste of time and money. They essentially put up a handful of toys on the shelves, set up three ps4's (which you cant play unless you sit on the right tables) and that's pretty much it. The drinks were terrible, the food, was just ok, there was practically no decoration except for a few posters. I could have a better time playing PS4 at home with takeout pizza, because that's what it felt like.

    I couldn't even choose the game I wanted to play, I had to play Basara, a game I dont particularly want to play.

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