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Tokyo is home to many first-rate, exquisite restaurants that are so popular that it is difficult even for locals to make a reservation. Our reservation service will allow you to conveniently secure a reservation at Japan's most famous restaurants.

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  • Conveniently secure a lunch or dinner reservation at Tokyo's most famous restaurants.
  • Receive personalized and thorough restaurant recommendations based on your preferences for cuisine type, location, and price range.
  • Enjoy all types of food ranging from sushi to ramen at the finest restaurants all across Tokyo.

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The restaurant of your reservation.

Important Information

If we are unable to secure a reservation for you, you will be fully refunded.

Please also inform us if you have children attending the reservation.

If you have placed a booking request for less than 3 business days, please be sure to provide a contact number that you are reachable at during your visit in Japan.

Please note that we will be trying to secure your reservation up to 1 business day prior to your requested time and date.
For instance, if you have requested for August 2 at 20:00JST, we accept or decline your booking by August 1 00:00JST.

If you would like us to try same-day booking, please be sure to provide your contact number and kindly indicate the cut-off time you would like to hear from us.

If you are unable to wait for our response up to a business day in advance, please cancel the booking through your dashboard so that we do not reserve any restaurant. Once we accept your booking before you cancel, you will not be eligible for a refund as per our cancellation policy regardless of how close you have placed your booking request to your reservation date.

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Reviews (71)

  • Tan Tan

    Tasty and impressive lunch @ Sushi Morita (寿司 もり田) in Kokura, Fukuoka

    Such a great lunch full of surprise at Sushi Morita. The 82 years old head chef Mr. Morita Nobuo is serving us impressive and unique Kyushu Mae Sushi (九州前寿司).

    Using the ingredients from Kyushu, every piece of sushi the chef will squeeze Kabosu (Japanese citrus カボス) juice on top to make the taste fresh. The chef good at using different combinations of ingredients to make sushi creative. Such as sea urchin and flying fish roe on squid sushi, abalone sushi with abalone liver on top.

    As a foreign customer, you won't feel uncomfortable, the atmosphere is relax and the chef is a very kind person. If you don't understand what kind of sushi you eat, the chef will ask his wife to show you a card with the ingredient's name writen by English, Japanese and Kanji (漢字).

    Lunch time the restaurant offers 8,000 yen or 10,000 yen Omakase (Chef's choice set), i choose 10,000 yen set which including 20 pieces of sushi. After all, i ordered 2 more pieces per person, end up the total price is 24,330 yen. Good price with outstanding quality.

    Worth to try and i will thinking of come back again.

  • Yu Yu

    Sushi Iwa

    Sushi Iwa was a good experience! We ate there just as we arrived after landing from america. We were not seated at the main restaurant but around the corner. The chef was very good and communicated in english.

    The reservation concierge was very fast and professional.

  • Douglas Douglas

    Unbelievably Excellent Experience at Sushi Tokami

    My girlfriend and I had a fantastic time dining at Sushi Tokami! The food was delicious -- the various preparations of tuna being a standout -- and chef Sato-san was extremely friendly, conversing with us in English throughout the meal.

  • Ophelia Ophelia

    Reservation for Sushi Ya, Excellent Service

    Very responsive, helpful and prompt replies. The Govoyagin team managed to get us a reservation at Sushi Ya at the date and time within two days of the request. Highly recommend the service if you need to book high-end sushi restaurants in Tokyo.

  • Jae Jae

    Sushi Taku

    My first Michelin star restaurant experience.
    Every course at sushi Taku was delicious and the service and experience was equally great. The sushi chef Yukinori was warm, knowledgable and skilled. Everything went off without a hitch, will return to sushi Taku someday.

  • Christianne Christianne

    A beautiful meal expertly prepared

    We had a wonderful dinner at Ginza Kyubey. The service is impeccable and the atmosphere is sophisticated, the chef and the staff hit every note just right. From the opening appetizer to the fruit finish, each dish was well balanced and nuanced.

    Thank you to Ginza Kyubey and to Voyagin for arranging the reservation.

  • Eunice Eunice

    Amazing dinner!

    The dining experience was faultless and it was Japanese hospitality at its best. The cooked dishes were a pleasant surprise given that the restaurant's specialty is in its sushi. A small but decent selection of sake. Highly recommended.

  • Jann Jann

    The Best Sushi I've Ever Had!

    A once in a lifetime experience. I can't imagine getting a reservation without Voyagin's help!

  • Chad Chad

    Fabulous meal. Great staff.

    We are over the moon regarding our meal. Everything was fabulous. The flavor they brought out in the ingredients was second to none. The wait staff who understood we did not know all the rules and customs but helped us along topped off the evening.

  • Simon Simon

    An experienced not to be missed!

    Having eaten in many Michelin star restaurants all over the world coming to one in Japan has been the most interesting. Why? Because simplicity is the hardest thing to get right! By that I mean you could go to any restaurant and they could garnish a piece of fish with all the best ingredients and it would be lovely to eat, but here in Japan to take a piece of raw fish, sea urchin, soy sauce, wasabi, seaweed, and some herbs and make it that delicious THAT is truly amazing!

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