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Did you know that there is a Final Fantasy-themed cafe in Akihabara, Tokyo? Only a certain amount of customers are allowed per day and tickets must be purchased in advance. We can help you make the Eorzea Cafe reservation!

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  • Enter the surreal world of Final Fantasy
  • Immerse yourself in the magical surroundings of the cafe
  • Eat and drink Final Fantasy-themed food and drinks
  • Play your favourite game inside the cafe

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Go directly to the cafe in Akihabara. We will give you the address when you book.

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Reviews (86)

  • Amanda Amanda

    Loved it!

    Been wanting to go to this cafe forever! Finally was able to get a ticket for a date/time that worked for my schedule thanks to Voyagin.

    I researched before going to the cafe to make sure I knew what to expect as there is very minimal English support at the cafe itself. I received a complementary drink and select of coaster which is included as part of the ticket. Everything else was ordered via a tablet device. Very high tech!

    The food and atmosphere was absolutely amazing! A must for every FF14 fan. I really recommend the Tonberry omurice. For every food/drink item you order, you also get a randomised coaster as well.

  • Benjamin Benjamin

    Well guided instructions for a great trip

    The staff attended to me as soon as I got there, the process was easy enough. Instructions were excellent, a quick brief helped reminded me even though I knew my way there. Service was overall excellent! Upon reaching the place the Eorzea Cafe was an excellent choice for any FF14 fan. While most of the briefings were in Japanese, they provided English guides to help. Staff were extremely friendly and tried their best to help English speakers to the best of their ability. Would go through Voyagin if I make my next trip there again

  • Yazmira Yazmira

    Great experience

    The atmosphere was wonderful the food was fairly priced and delicious. The venue was not the most accomadatinng to non Japanese speaking customers but it is workable. An English menu would have been greatly appreciated.

  • Natasha Natasha

    It was fantastic

    I love the place because the decoration is good and the services are good too , even though they speak little english but order a menu is easy because they use a tablet so overall it was a great experience

  • Romain Romain

    A must for FF14 fans!

    Eorzea cafe itself is a very nice restaurant for all the FF14 lovers; it's not just about the looks, food is good too!
    As for the booking service with Voyagin, it's just perfect; tickets were waiting at my hotel on the day of my arrival.

  • Tyler Tyler

    Smooth trip if you can roll without English

    The food was great, and the drinks were wonderful, but there is very little English support at the cafe itself. Once you manage to overcome that (they'll give you a larger menu with tiny bits if English) and are willing to dive in, the food and desserts and drinks are all good.

  • Suk Wai Suk Wai

    Final Fantasy Cafe is great!

    Really easy and convenient to book through Voyagin. Was having trouble navigating the Japanese websites at first. Tickets were sent straight to our hotel concierge. Cafe is really cool and the food is great. It really feels like you are in the game scene with the epic FF music playing in the background. Great experience for FF fans.

  • Phil Phil


    Was really looking foward to this experience, i was soo excited as i grew up playing FF games all the time... i'm sure this place is much better most of the time but my experience wasnt the best sadly 😞... It was such a difficult task for me to get a reservation which i didnt know i needed till i showed up the first time and then when i got to lawson noone there knew how i was meant to get tickets on the machine so i eventually went through voyagin online who were great, thanks, but trying to fit it in around my holiday and you pretty much have to book days in advance and then see if your choice is accepted so i lost days of my holiday where i couldnt make other arrangements or had to change my holiday plans due to the cafe not accepting dates or times i had chosen on the website... voyagin were very helpful tho in getting me an approved time and date... but anyway once i arrived on the day no one spoke any english there which was not my experience in most of the rest of Tokyo but thats not too much of a problem except it was very hard to order food but aside from that i was holidaying on my own so i booked a single ticket but i dont recomend this as i was first in line on the day but once we all got in the cafe i had to wait till everyone else was seated before they gave me a single seat at the bar where i was about a foot away from being able to reach my food and also nowhere near the cool FF scenery and i didnt get included in nor could i even see any of the activities that they did in the main part of the room over the other side of the computers which was dissapointing 😞...once i eventually figured out how to order on the electronic tablets i just ate my food and walked around trying to take pictures of the cool final fantasy themed room while trying not to annoy other people eating their meals and then i left... i think everyone should go at least once if you are into final fantasy but plz go as a group and it will help you alot if you can speak Japanese fluently or take someone who can... hope this info helps others have a good time

  • Angela Angela

    The Eorzean Cafe is a great local experience

    When we went to the cafe it very much feels like that local experience. It's 100% Japanese. They kind of had a menu with English but then the ipad you used to order had no English - or at least not at a size you could read. None of the wait staff spoke English and the front desk also had limited English vocabulary.

    All of this is not to suggest they need to speak English but to confirm for international travelers that you need some basic understanding of Japan to communicate.

    The people who were at the cafe were clearly from around the area - friends and families who play and wanted a fun experience. As the tickets are only like 10,000 yen at Lawson's and there are literally hundreds of Lawson's I could see how easy it would be to go on a more regular basis.

    Because I cannot understand Japanese ticketing systems for the life of me, I'm glad I used Voyagin to cut through the confusion. And I'm glad that I went to the cafe.

    But it is a super small space that I didn't get to experience half of because I don't speak Japanese. Maybe I'm just sad because I didn't win the jumbo cactpot.

  • Justine Justine

    the best time ever- loved hearing our fav 14 music while eating!!!!

    had the best time, will definitely be coming back next year! we cant WAIT to come back. food was excellent, inexpensive and overall just so delightful!!!!