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Tempura Kondo in Ginza, Tokyo, is a unique place where customers can relish the taste of finely prepared traditional style tempura in quite innovative ways. Book a reservation for this Michelin 2-star restaurant with our service now!

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  • Reserve seats for Tempura Kondo in Ginza, Tokyo
  • Eat tempura fries made of ingredients you would never expect
  • Enjoy the special art of preparation developed by Chef Kondo

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Tempura Kondo, Ginza

Important Information

Children have to be over 10 years old to attend Tempura Kondo.

If we are unable to secure a reservation for you, you will be fully refunded.

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Reviews (8)

  • Timothy Timothy

    Amazing meal

    Never going to look at tempura the same way ever again. Went for lunch - it was an amazing meal. Make sure to experience what real tempura should taste like!

  • Pablo Pablo

    Great experience!

    All items were very good and are prepared in front of you. Special attention to shrimp heads, lotus root and the baby onion, sweet potatoes are no as good and very big portions, so if you don't want to feel too full after, don't mind ordering.

  • Oliver Oliver

    Best Tempura I've ever had

    Restaurant definitely did not disappoint - the tempura was some of the most fragrant, fresh food that my friend and I had in our entire lives. The only complaint that we had was that we couldn't order more - we didn't realize that you had to place orders for everything at the very beginning of the dinner. Thus, once we finished our course and wanted to put in orders for another 2-3 pieces, they denied us which wasn't a huge deal but certainly was a bit disappointing. Highly recommend nonetheless!

  • Sei Sei

    The Best Tempura In Tokyo

    The most wonderful tempura I've had. Every tempura is cooked to perfection. Light and crispy on the outside, and the insides are super hot and delicious. Definitely would recommend trying it at least once. You should also ask for their specialty sweet potato (which is cooked over the course of the entire meal), as well as their carrots, which look beautiful.

  • Irene Irene


    Had a wonderful meal. Thank you :)

  • Markus Markus

    Not really 2-star quality (in our opinion)

    The reservation was good. It was a little difficult to find the place (9th floor in a pretty ordinary looking Ginza-building) but we made it at last. The quality was good, but two stars seems way too much. It was good tempura, don't get me wrong, but compared to other one-, two- and three starred restaurant we've been to this was just a little too uninspiring. And even though we had pre-booked the meal we were having the whole thing felt a little rushed. In the end they even told us we had to hurry since other guests were coming. Quite un-japanese and un-michelin if you ask me.

  • Stephen Stephen

    Wonderful tempura!

    Tempurda Kondo is a real treat! This place is great, and the service was wonderful. The menus are very reasonably priced, and you get a lot of bang for your buck. I would only caution not to order their "famous" tempura sweet potato. It comes out very thick and dry, just not worth it. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about.

  • Steffi Steffi

    superb tempura experience

    It's a pleasure watching the master preparing our food. Very pleasant and worthy experience!

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