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Sushi Tokami in Ginza, Tokyo, is a 1-star Michelin restaurant managed by the young Chef Hiroyuki Sato. The seasoning of the rice here is like nowhere else in Japan! You can book your seats in this restaurant using our reservation system!

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  • Reserve seats for Sushi Tokami, Tokyo
  • Try specially seasoned rice with red vinegar and delicious rare parts of tuna
  • Enjoy Chef Sato's specialty - a collagen-rich tuna soup

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Sushi Tokami in Ginza, Tokyo

Important Information

If we are unable to secure a reservation for you, you will be fully refunded.

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Reviews (10)

  • Stephen Stephen


    Not too bad

  • Timothy Timothy


    Sushi Tokami is unreal. Words can't describe the phenomenal experience. Don't hesitate - just book it.

  • Alejandro Alejandro

    Great experience

    We were served a huge variety of nigiris and a lot of otsumami (appetizers).
    Would really recommend this place to people that are interested in getting a real edomae sushi experience.

  • Patterson Patterson

    Great sushi! Friendly chefs! Amazing location!

    Delicious! This was a great experience. A must try while in Tokyo!

  • John John

    Friendly atmosphere and some great food but...

    Firstly, whilst it's a lot of money to spend on simply a reservation, Voyagin did manage to get me a reservation at my first choice restaurant on the date I wanted (I gave three possible days). So unless you are staying in a good Tokyo hotel that will make reservations for you, it's a reliable if expensive option.

    We picked Tokami because the chef speaks some english, and we wanted to feel relaxed. The atmosphere was friendly and once some other English speaking regulars arrived, offering the chefs a bottle of wine and some beer, it almost felt like an Izakaya. You could see why visitors choose Tokami for it's informal atmosphere.

    The quality of the ingredients were evident in every bite and there were lovely individual touches. The only reason I would not give a 5* review is that we both felt that the red vinegar rice used in all the sushi was too overpowering for some sushi. Whilst we felt it suited some of the stronger flavoured more fatty or oily fishes (mackerel etc.) we also felt it overpowered the more delicate flavoured fish cuts. It is of course personal preference, and if you have eaten at some of the other great sushi restaurants or are just looking for something a little different, I would give Tokami a try. If this is your first high-end sushi experience though you might want to try somewhere a little more traditional.

    Bill was 53,000 yen, for omekase, three waters and a beer. No itemised bill was provided so I am not sure how much the drinks were!

  • Ola Ola

    Perfect. Best

    Perfect sushi and super friendly staff.

  • Sharjeel Sharjeel

    Top End Sushi Experience

    Getting a booking for any sushi place in Ginza is hard let alone a Michelin 1-star. So the service from Voyagin is worth it.

    Sushi Tokami was all around class, the Chef was kind enough to explain the dish and what the seafood was. His English was good. The atmosphere was clam, which meant you could enjoy the spectacle of how the Chef was serving 6 guests with extreme precision even though they were at different stages of the meal.

    Only tip is go easy on lunch earlier in the day, it looks minimalist food but the various courses fill you up !!

    Was great experience and will remember my Michelin 1-star sushi meal.

  • Bella Bella

    Delicious on an unimaginable scale

    The place has a nice atmosphere and nice hosts. The food is a legend, looks, tastes and feels like you are in one of those cooking shows with top chefs serving small dishes full of wonder.

    I ate there dinner and came alone since my BF doesn't eat fish. If you want a very tasty and extra-ordinary delicious sushi - this is the place for you!

    The chef's were really good but I felt a bit left alone and they were mainly talking with a couple that sat next to me. I realize that if i would come with my BF it would feel different but sitting for 2 hours was a bit weird in that atmosphere.
    Anyway, this was a side note and the food is totally worth it!

  • giovanni giovanni

    Great dinner at Ginza

    We tried different top notch restaurant in Tokyo but this was definitely one of the best dinner. Chef Sato and his staff friendly brought us in a crescendo of flavours and sensations that smoothly blew up our minds. Every piece (the tuna neck roll at the beginning makes the difference), accompanied with a great selection of sake, was a stunning artwork. You know, i think as long as you haven't tasted sushi in a place like this, it cannot be said to have tasted sushi. To be visited again and again and again...

  • Ladislav Ladislav

    Top sushi for good price

    Lunch was fantastic - if you want to try as much as possible go with 16 pieces sushi menu. Although being more expensive than other two options, it is still very good value considered the quality. Chef Sato speaks pretty good English and was very friendly.

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  • Kuroma-Ebi by City Foodsters ( #1
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  • Tsuke by City Foodsters ( #3
  • Akamutsu by City Foodsters ( #4
  • Anago by City Foodsters ( #5