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Reservation for Sushi Sho Masa Roppongi Restaurant in Tokyo

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Sushi Sho Masa is in Roppongi, 10 minutes’ walk away from Roppongi Station. Here you can enjoy a genuine sushi! Reservations are difficult to make even for locals. Our reservation service will help you to secure a reservation at Sushi Sho Masa's.

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  • Reserve seats for high class sushi restaurant Sushi Sho Masa, Tokyo.
  • Discover a fabulous authentic sushi dinner that almost seems like a work of art.
  • Enjoy a range of Japanese Sake in an atmosphere or secret place.

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Sushi Sho Masa, Tokyo

Important Information

No bottomless consumption drink menu.
No smoking.
Credit cards are not accepted. Payment in cash only for the meal.
If we are unable to secure a reservation for you, you will be fully refunded.

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Reviews (12)

  • Anne Anne

    Amazing sushi experience!

    Super delicious and friendly sushi master! One of the chefs from Taiwan was incredibly fun and helpful. Will definitely go back!

  • Lauren Lauren

    Exceptional sushi experience

    It was very kind of the sushi chef and his other staff explain what each piece of sushi were, it's English and Japanese name and how it was to be eaten. It was also very nice of them to be concerned with any food allergies one may have. My favorite part of the experience was, of course, the sushi. Each piece was delicious and was prepared delicately to perfection. I used to dislike Uni (fresh sea urchin) but the Uni Chef Masa provided to us was exceptional and was actually my favorite dish of them all. A tip for future travelers: If you have a late dinner reservation (like we did), the trains stop running at a certain time so be sure to plan for some other form of transportation afterwards.

  • Chris Chris

    Tastiest meal on our three week vacation in Japan

    We traveled all over Hokkaido, went to Kyoto and Tokyo during this trip. This was by far the best meal we have had on this trip.

  • Chris Chris

    Best sushi in my life

    We are lucky to have been able to try sushi sho masa

  • Ignasius Ignasius

    AMAZING SUSHI EXPERIENCE. Absolutely worth it

    My full experience can be read here: But in short, I will wholeheartedly recommend anyone who is in Tokyo to try this unique experience. Chef Masa will fill your appetite and more. I ate for about 3-4 hours, and if it weren't for the fact that I was pressed for time, Chef Masa would've served me more delicious sushi and sashimi.

  • Isaac Isaac

    Very enjoyable experience

    The experience was extraordinary and my wife and I cannot look at sushi the same again. What makes the sushi better was that they take time to explain what part of the fish the piece has come from and a brief word as to how to ear it.

    My wife and I have were also given sushi that we haven't even tasted before eating it at Sushi Sho Masa.

  • Sittha Sittha

    The Hightlight of My Trip to Japan

    This place was on my bucket list, and I must say that it certainly did not disappoint! In fact, it surpassed my expectation by about a mile. Each piece/dish was a masterpiece. The chefs were all friendly and helpful. I would definitely go back there again on my next visit. Highly reccommend!

  • Blake Blake

    So much wonderful sushi!

    Dinner was amazing! Loved the service and attention to detail. Overwhelmed with the amount of food you get and enjoyed that we were not rushed. Great experience!

  • Michael Michael

    Plentiful and mind-blowing

    The dinner at Sushi Sho Masa is not cheap (with sake, my tab came to ¥33000), but it's an amazing, wild ride that will blow your mind.

    If you're serious about sushi, you should not miss this. The sushi chefs explain a lot and the omakase menu is an educational trip through sushi knowledge. These guys work incredibly hard, starting at 6AM and doing three seatings every night (there are only 7 seats).

    We tried four different types of Uni, the different parts of tuna (akami, chu toro, otoro), and in some cases, they served the same fish raw, lightly grilled or steamed, which lets you appreciate the products even more,

    Be warned: this place is hard to find, it's through a blue Noren down the basement in a narrow, non-description white building.

  • Ivan Ivan

    Amazing Experience...

    If you are new to Sushi you might not appreciate the effort, details and technique from this master sushi chef. If you have trouble deciding between this and "other" micheline star sushi bars then I personally would choose this one. The level of creativity taste and play with flavors is much more intense. Would repeat this one if I had the time for it! :)

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