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Sushi Shin is a unique experience among sushi restaurants where its genial host, and the incredible sushi he prepares, especially in such elegant and sophisticated surroundings, makes it a wonderful place for a special evening out in Tokyo.

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  • Hideaway environment to enjoy Sushi at a Michelin star winner restaurant in Tokyo
  • Beautifully served sushi selection, particularly shellfish
  • 15 minute walk from Hiroo Station to feel the elegant and sophisticated surroundings
  • You may find yourself literally rubbing shoulders with Japanese celebrities at the counter.

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Sushi Shin, Tokyo

Important Information

Counter seats are available for children over 12 years old.
Sushi Shin can accommodate smaller children at their private room.

If we are unable to secure a reservation for you, you will be fully refunded.

What you need to bring

Your stomach!

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Reviews (17)

  • Joe Joe

    Immersive, fantastic experience

    This is really great. Worth every penny.

  • Chuong Chuong

    Some of the best sushi I've ever had

    Amazing food and service! One of my favorites was the eel, which was perfectly simmered and melted in my mouth.

    After telling the waitress, she said she would give my compliments to the chef, and as we were leaving, the young apprentice working in the back came out and thanked us! I had a sneaking suspicion it was him who made it, will definitely come back. Worth every penny.

  • Karen Karen

    Simply superb in every way

    We're so glad we were able to get reservations to Sushi Shin. It was by far the best sushi we've ever had. Being at the counter and watching the sushi chefs work was an intimate experience and the staff was very attentive and helpful with English explanations. The head chef also was helpful and polite and named each masterful creation placed in front of us. One of the waitresses even went out of her way to make sure we got directions back to the subway after the meal as well. The sushi that was simple yet complex, the mastery and artistry of the chefs, the accomodating staff, and the calming atmosphere all came together for an unforgettable experience. I highly recommend this restaurant and Voyagin as well for making a such a memorable experience possible.

  • Nathan Nathan

    1 star Michelan

    Fantastic quality sushi. The lunch course is as a decent amount for the price. Explanation of the fish that is being served could be improved, e.g the name of the fish in Japanese and the region it is from (uni from Hokkaido etc.)


    I really enjoy such a great meal provide by 鮨真

    The owner is very polite and hospitable even thought I can't speak Japanese at all. It's a great Sushi restaurant for everyone.

  • Gisela Gisela

    Best sushi of my life!

    Best sushi ever! Lovely experience and great service.
    Please allow enough time to find the address.

  • Alex Alex

    Good food at a fun place

    Staff was nice. Owner and his wife are adorable and try their best to interact with you in broken English. (He was making fun of me for dropping things with my chopsticks).

    Very good food. Great quality. But a laid back and fun environment. Would absolutely recommend.

  • Bouke Bouke

    Magical experience

    Sushi Shin was a fantastic experience, watching the chef practice his art was mesmerizing and he food he created from the amazing ingredients was just incredible. I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a legit sushi experience.

  • Samuel Samuel

    Sushi Shin- food is great

    The reservation you see on the calendar is not real time, much often it takes a day or two for the hosts to get back to you if they have seats available, which is fine if your reservation is weeks ahead but if so you might as well ask the hotel to book for you.

    This service suppose to be hassle free but it seems more complicated then calling in yourself unless the restaurant doesn't speak English entirely.

    The last min booking fee is excessive, I ended up calling myself

  • Jeffrey Jeffrey

    Great experience and customer service by Voyagin

    First of all, Voyagin was very helpful throughout the whole experience and even called the restaurant when I had extra questions to ask. My girlfriend and I went with the 25000 yen dinner omakase and had an excellent experience. The interior of the restaurant is beautiful and understated, and it doesn't have the oppressively serious atmosphere of some high-end sushi shops. After settling in, all diners at the counter were laughing, conversing, and having a great time. They have an excellent and reasonably-priced selection of sake that is served in beautiful carafes. You even get to choose which glass you would like to use to drink your sake out of, all of which are unique and beautiful.

    The sushi was very good. As some other reviewers have noted, if you are a foreigner they seem to assume that this is your first time having high-end sushi, so they tend to stray away from giving you anything too adventurous. There were two instances in our evening when Japanese couples who were paying the same amount as us got a more unusual cut of fish. But it was hard to be unhappy with this since each piece we had was still extraordinary. There were also two parties there who were clearly regulars - these people conversed openly with the chef and were given completely different meals. Again, I can see why this turns some people off but it was hard to be too upset since we aren't regulars! It made sense that we got a more basic flight of sushi.

    The single complaint I have about the food, something that only an ultra-elite sushi nerd would care about, is that the rice is not quite as fresh as you'll find in other high-end nigiri. In many shops like this the chef will constantly ask an apprentice to get fresh rice throughout the night. This didn't happen once during our 2.5 hour meal and it slightly showed.

    FYI, this shop is very English-friendly and is one of the easier spots of this caliber to get a reservation in Tokyo. Highly recommended.

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