Reservation for Sushi Jiro Roppongi Michelin 2-star Tokyo

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Sukiyabashi Jiro is the first place to start when you want to discover the authentic taste of true Japanese sushi made in traditional ways! A reservation for the Roppongi branch of the Michelin-starred restaurant is all you need when coming to Tokyo!

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  • Experience the taste of exquisite sushi prepared by one of Japan's very best sushi masters Jiro Takashi
  • Eat a large variety of sushi with different seafood delicacies
  • Smooth and trouble-free reservation service

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Directly at the Roppongi branch (we will send you detailed instructions after you book)

Important Information

When you book, PLEASE CONFIRM with us the following items by including the answers in the message box.
(We can't make a reservation without the confirmation.)

1. You are aware it's NOT their Ginza branch but Roppongi branch (the chef will be Jiro Ono's son Takashi)
2. You MUST choose the menu in advance. Please tell us if you prefer:
- sushi only
- sushi + sashimi
3. Please let us know if you have any child(ren) in your group, and their ages
4. Please let us know if you can agree to follow Jiro Roppongi's request not to wear any perfume since it will affect the taste of the meal.
Meal time will last for up to 90 minutes at the discretion of Jiro, depending on various factors on the day.

Please kindly note that Jiro's cancellation fee is 10,000 JPY / per person when guests make last minute cancellations OR arriving late to your reservation more than 30 minutes as they would have given the limited seats to other customers if the seats were not allocated to you. So please be on time for your reservation.

We will make the reservation once your Voyagin booking is accepted.

What you need to bring

An empty stomach!

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Reviews (140)

  • Annie Annie

    The food is great but the host chef was not

    the food is great but the host chef was not

  • Alex Alex

    Exceptionally funny, knowledgable, and delicious

    Best sushi of my life with a guy that was amazing!

  • Richard Richard

    An excellent adventure

    It was a great adventure, I ordered both sushi and sashimi, I was totally amazed by the taste and the texture. Nothing could beat this experience. Well, maybe only Jiro could....

  • john john

    Best meal of my life. The detail of this restaurant is amazing.

    I learned today:

    They do not serve salmon because all salmon served in sushi places is frozen -20celcius as it is a freshwater/river fish, which means parasites. They only use saltwater fish that are wild caught because bacteria cannot thrive there. There is no such thing as "fresh salmon"

    2. The kanji for sushi is two symbols, one meaning "fish", the other being "delicious"

    3. They use this cup in the store that has a crack in it. Back in the day, these specific cups were only used by the palace/royalty, and ones with chips or imperfections were sent off to the common folk to be used. A clever crafter named Yamaguchi started making these cups with the crack so that all the common folk can use things that even the royals use.

  • Samuel Samuel

    Fantastic experience

    Whilst obviously very costly, is a very intimate and unique journey through an array of sashimi and sushi with a master of the craft. The amount of sushi served up is very generous, and each piece was as good as any sushi/sashimi I've ever had anywhere. If you can spare the money, do it once in your lifetime.

  • Edsel Edsel

    Edsel Rudy

    Concierge was very helpful and responsive. I was able to enjoy the experience due to their help.

  • Mayank Mayank

    Great experience. The quality of seafood was impeccable

    As expected, the Jiro experience was worth having. It is a little intimidating to enter the restaurant, but we were made comfortable after a few minutes by Jiro-san and his staff. We had the sushi+sashimi course and were not disappointed by the attention to detail and quality of ingredients. It's an experience I'd recommend to anyone at least once. Future travelers should be aware that the quantity of food is larger than you'd expect, so bring an appetite. And order the cold sake.

  • Alex Alex

    Perfection at every bite!

    The best sushi in the world. Upon entry I was seated at a table and given fresh cold tea in the summer heat. At my reservation time I was sat at the bar. Jiro and his staff offered my drinks, and beer pairs well with sushi. I say and enjoyed as he and his staff prepared and perfectly described all there is to know about the sushi/sashimi they prepared. I was shocked at how well his English was. They know Japanese, Chinese (a little), and English. The staff was all super friendly and enjoyed conversing as we ate the most perfectly prepared fish you will ever eat. Upon concluding the meal, I was given a chance at a photo with Jiro, and a signed business card! It was a dining experience unlike any other. Simply perfection!

  • Jakkrit Jakkrit

    Great Meal

    Perfect Meal, one of the best in my life.

  • Rodrigo Rodrigo

    Best sim sushi ever

    It was an experience out of this world!
    all staff were very kind and the chef super cool!