Reserve Ishikawa Kagurazaka Michelin 3-star Kaiseki in Tokyo

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Have an unforgettable gourmet experience at a Michelin 3 star restaurant in the heart of Tokyo! Ishikawa Kagurazaka will offer you a pleasant trip to the hidden culinary and cultural realms of Japan!

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  • Eat an exquisite multiple-dish dinner in one of Asia's best restaurants
  • The menu is specially prepared for you as a surprise
  • Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of a traditional Japanese restaurant
  • Personalized customer service of highest level
  • As a gift, you will receive a menu with your name written on it

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Ishikawa Kagurazaka

Important Information

-Please provide the contact number that the restaurant can contact you in Japan.

-Please provide the gender of the participants

-If we are unable to secure a reservation for you, you will be fully refunded.

-Please note that you need to pay for the meal, 10% service charge, 8% tax at the restaurant.

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Reviews (9)

  • Jamie Jamie

    Excellent restaurant.

    Great food and atmosphere.

  • David David

    A whole new horizon opened !!

    This is my 1st time using Govoyagin to book for a Michelin Kaiseki, and it's not perfect one. I appreciate the team to remind me and answer every question swiftly, but they told me to wait for the restaurant to contact me at 7.00 PM above instead of me going there directly. Time ticking until 8.30 PM the restaurant still doesn't contact me, so i decided to go there instead, since my booking is stated at 9.00 PM. As you may have expected i'm late... almost 9.30 PM when i arrived, also sweating and a bit tired since i kinda hurried to search the place which is kinda up a hill and i don't want my 1st experience got cancelled. Luckily they still accept me.

    Now as for the experience itself, it is a very awesome. The food is good and tasty, the staff Kaori-san is knowledgeable and kind, even though my japanese is bad, she still praised me, encourage me, and wait patiently for me to find the correct word in japanese when i want to give reaction for the food, she gives me a wet towel and wait for me to calm down and relax. As the food coming one by one, Kaori-san explained every food coming to my table, and laughed when we gives a funny reaction. Every food is beautifull and decorated to incerase your appetite. Near the end of the meal course, Ishikawa come to my room and cooked the rice himself. He is very kind and also a Gundam fan. We talked a lot like a long time friend and even let me took a photo together. When it's near end to pay the bill, i gives the staff a present for Ishikawa-san and they immediately called him to receive the present itself, He seems very happy. I promised i'll come back again next year, as he even stop making food for the other customer at the counter and escort me outside like a VIP then gives me a very warm farewell.

  • James James

    best restaurant in the world, in my michelin guide!

    I cant find a single word to describe how great my feeling is at Ishikawa. Every set is so perfect! If you are visiting tokyo, this is definitely the most prior choice for you! No reason for missing such fantastic experience!

  • Tom Tom

    Very elegant and comfortable experience!!!

    This was an amazing experience, it was very private and the service was very warm and happy. It felt like we were eating the best Japan has to offer, I could see and taste the detail and love in every dish. There was only one challenging dish which was the sea cucumber, definitely something i'm not used to but i'm glad i tried it and I really enjoyed it. Thank you for such an authentic gastronomic delight.

  • Janice Janice

    Amazing experience!

    Very laid back atmosphere, no frills place but food was outstanding. If only we could go back to Tokyo every 2 months when the menu changes.

  • Mei Yan Mei Yan

    Wonderful food!

    Very pleased with the experience. Voyagin was very helpful in makingthe booking and answering all my questions/requests afterwards.

    The dinner itself was amazing, definitely Michelin 3-star worthy. Food was delicious, serivce was great (they even provided an English menu and English-speaking waitstaff in our private room without us having to ask). Also, we got the amazing opportunity to meet Ishikawa-sensei himself!

  • Adam Adam

    Fantastic Dining Experience

    Thank you so much Govoyagin for helping me in getting a seat at this fantastic restaurant.
    Ishikawa is a place worth spending.
    Food is top notch and Ishikawa-san is extremely friendly!
    I defintely use Govoyagin again for my incoming travels!

  • Charles Charles


    This dining experience was wondrous. It felt like a creative journey into the very essence of Japanese cuisine. Every dish was excellent, but there were 3-5 dishes that were unique and astonishing. I swear, the charcoal grilled fish and lotus root dish made me feel something akin to synesthesia. The menu is creative and diverse to boot. Hopefully you get to watch the chef and sous chef work, they have great skill and a great rapport. This is one of the finest restaurants.

  • Krachai Krachai


    Thanks a lot Voyagin. Without you I wouldn't get a chance to have this wonderful experience !

Photographic Attribution

  • 8: Hot Pot - Fresh Sea Urchin, Thinly Sliced Wagyu Beef, Tofu and Komatusna Green by City Foodsters ( #1
  • Halfway through, soup stock made from bonito flakes was poured into the bowl to make porridge by City Foodsters ( #2
  • 1: Appetizer - Snow Crab with Garland Chrysanthemum and Petals by City Foodsters ( #3
  • 5: Sashimi - Yellowtail Mixed with Grated White Radish by City Foodsters ( #4
  • 10: Dessert - Fresh Persimmon and Caramel Ice Cream with Monaka Wafer by City Foodsters ( #5
  • Ishikawa Sign by City Foodsters ( #6