Reservation for Alice's Cafes in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya

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Enter the magical world of "Alice in Wonderland" in the themed cafes in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya! Have a meal or a drink surrounded by the familiar characters in a fantasy atmosphere!

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  • Enter the world of Alice in Wonderland!
  • Dine and drink in the special themed cafes in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya
  • Highly recommended for travelers with children!

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Alice Cafe

Important Information

Please note that this is a reservation service only. Please pay for your meal and drinks directly at the restaurant.

What you need to bring

Your child spirit!

Meet your host :
Voyagin Concierge
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Hi everyone,
We are Voyagin Concierge Service.

There are so many great restaurants, theme parks and other attractions in Japan waiting to be discovered, but they can be so hard or even impossible to experience if you don't speak Japanese!

Not to worry! We are here to help you out with your tickets, passes and reservations so you can easily make your plans before you arrive and have the best possible time when you're here.

Forget the stress, fix your plans and don't miss out!

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Reviews (17)

  • Kim Kim

    Wonderful Restaurant

    What an enjoyable experience and atmosphere. The staff go all out to make the guests happy. The interior is just like wonderland and the meals are shaped like the characters. Loved it!

  • Virginie Virginie

    To do in tokyo

    Great decor, great service. The food was ok but nothing great. The drinks were great.
    I definitely recommend this restaurant for the experience of it!

  • Desmond Desmond

    Great atmosphere. A fun experience

    I accidentally booked for one, but this isn't an automated booking service and someone at Voyagin realised there were two of us and hired the restaurant accordingly. Luckily they did, because this was a fantastic experience, even if you aren't a big fan of Alice in Wonderland. Food was okay, but the detail in the decorations and the costumes was immaculate.

  • Cécile Cécile


    We had a great experience at restaurant "Alice in an old Castle" in Ikebukuro.
    The reservation was made as I asked and we had no problem.
    The food was great and the staff very friendly.
    It was a nice evening.
    Thanks again for helping us going there!

  • Jessica Jessica

    This was a really cute experience. We went to the one in Shinjuku and our host was very adorable and all the foods and menus were true to the theme. My only complaint is that the alcoholic beverages were expensive for very little alcohol in them. I got two and didn't feel anything and I'm a light weight, so may don't go here to drink, but definitely go for the fun theme and disney music :)

  • Janine Janine

    Welcome to Wonderland

    It was as great as we expected. Great staff, great atmosphere and great meals 😄

  • Connor Connor

    Alice in awful-land

    The reservation does not include the cover fee and the food is bland, but also overpriced. We were laughing about how bad the experience was.

  • James James

    Just a theme based resautant, nothing special.

    Restaurant with Alice in Wonderland theme. One of 3 or 4 Alice theme run by a restaurant group.
    Frankly, food was subpar. But meal prices were quite low for such place, so compensates somewhat.
    Good for birthdays and kids. I went with teenage daughter, who quickly lost interest soon after sitting. Nothing special except the entrance and deco.
    I paid for the reservation because Japanese webpage was impossible to navigate a reservation. Without reservation, it appears no seat possible. So reserve if planning to go.

  • Ben Ben

    The mad hatter

    I especially enjoyed the tea

  • Heather Heather

    All owls deserve to stretch their wings and fly

    The staff was VERY kind. The owls, very much unhappy.
    I realized I regretted supporting a business with nocturnal birds forced to stay up all day who did not want to be petted or bothered.
    2 of the owls (one stared outside the window the WHOLE time) you are not allowed to touch ( Give them freedom?)
    Another 2 of them just didn't want to be touched and kept moving away when you tried.
    I watched a young boy constantly force pet an owl that kept trying to hop away from him (eventually going inside his little wooden box to try and get away from the boy)

    I understand Japan has different standards for animals. But it's not in the owls best interest.

    Voyagin was great, the staff at the owl cafe were kind, but almost wanting to cry from seeing how unhappy these owls were, I won't ever do it again.
    If you want to know what an owl feels like, it feel like feathers.
    If you seriously love animals, please don't go to ANY owl cafe. They all deserve better than to be trapped in a small room not being able to stretch their wings and fly.

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