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60% OFF Try the Japanese entertainment “Pachinko” in Tokyo!

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Have you ever tried "Pachinko" ?
It’s similar to pinball! This is the game that how many balls you can increase by hitting a Jackpot! You can exchange the balls into exciting prizes! The only place you can experience this entertainment is here!

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  • You will have a 30mins class learn about culture and history of pachinko and how to play the game!
  • After the class, we will give you a 1000JPY prepaid card to try your luck at the actual Pachinko machine! (1000JPY prepaid card is included in the participation fee)
  • This activity is available for booking from: 12:00-20:00 (Closed: 22:00) *Chinese class is every Monday and Saturday. 10:00-16:00( Closed: 18:00)*
  • There are Japanese souvenirs for all who attended this class.

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Higashi-Ginza Station (the exact meeting point will be provided after you book)

Important Information

Only adults over the age of 18 can participate (according to the Japanese laws).
Smoking and drinking alcohol is prohibited!
If you wish to play longer, you will need to pay additional fees in cash on the day.

What you need to bring

You don't need to bring anything.

Meet your host :
Pachinko Class
  • English (Intermediate)
  • 日本語 (Fluent)

Pachinko Class offers pachinko experience, which is only available in Japan. Guests can experience the pachinko game and learn how to win the pachinko game as well.
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Reviews (7)

  • Amanda Amanda

    Great learning experience.

    I ended up enjoying this activity way more than I expected! Pachinko is like a slot machine mixed with video game cutscenes, button mashing and a tiny side of pinball. It was a really great deal and an interesting, unique way to spend a few hours.

    I've been wanting to try out pachinko after seeing long lines of people waiting outside to play. I couldn't help but wonder what was so amazing that people would line up to play it, but didn't have the courage to go inside and try it out. Which is probably a good thing as I would never have been able to figure out how to play without some help!

    Getting to the location was easy and my guide was waiting for me just outside the train station exit with an easy to spot sign. We then walked a short distance to an office building where the class was held. It was nice getting to learn in a quiet, comfortable space as the actual playing area is very loud and busy. After a detailed presentation on the ins and outs of pachinko, I then got to spend some time on a few practice machines while the instructor pointed out all the key features and things to look out of. My instructor was great and she patiently answered my many questions.

    The real deal was interesting. You get a precharged card to start off with. You can also help yourself to hot or cold green tea while you play. I stuck mostly to the low cost beginner machines and managed to hit 5 'jackpots' in a row. Given I was playing on the super cheap machines, it earned me a lovely bag of cookies from the prize shop.

    If you are thinking about trying it! You won't regret it.

  • Kathryn Kathryn

    Fun experience

    I've always wondered about Japanese pachinko but it seemed a bit intimating to just walk into a pachinko parlour not knowing how to play. Now I know.

    The pachinko class was lots of fun and informative. The host was fantastic, very easy to understand and friendly.

  • Debbie Debbie

    Really good fun experience

    This was a really fun experience. Want to know whats going on when you walk past the sliding doors and this massive noise comes from the pachinko places? These guys taught us how to play, load up a card (which was included in the booking fee so wasn't extra to play) and then hung around while we played in case we had questions. If you have a spare couple of hours this was a great activity.

  • Tripp Tripp

    A surprisingly enjoyable and exciting experience.

    This experience was amazing. I have lived in Japan previously, but pachinko was always a mystery to me. I always heard the loud sounds and saw the flashing lights when I would pass by, but it seemed inscrutable.

    No more!

    This experience included a class with the very lovely Jhena, who was an excellent host and an incredible teacher. Our dedication to ensuring our experience was great showed with in every aspect.

    The game itself was surprisingly fun and very fast-paced. It will have you dreaming about start chakka and jackpots for many a night.

    5/5 Highly Recommended.

  • Sharon Sharon

    Had a great time. Fun and informative. Our guide was great answering all our questions. Would recommend as it really shows a part of Japanese life that as a visitor we neeed a little help to understand and appreciate. a smoke free pachinko parlour!

    Had a great time. Fun and informative. Great guide answered alll our questions. A smoke free pachinko parlour was very appreciated. Would recommend to all to experience a little bit of Japanese life and understand why

  • Violet Violet

    'Bingo' in Japan

    Basically they go over how to play and why it's popular which took a bit longer than expected. The $10 gets used up quickly since the games are $5, $2, and $1 with $5 having the greatest rewards. Their English is fine and they were very sweet and gave lots of souvenirs. They seemed be excited to be there. I would recommend this as a group.

  • Lisa Lisa

    Very fun way to learn japan´s craziest game! :D

    We had a very good time. Three motivated, friendly girls explained us pachinko. After a few, very easy to understand explenations, we were ready for our first play on a test machine :) Then we went to a pachinko hall and played our first real games. It really was fun, and i now understand why it is so popular in japan! We can recommand it, if you are looking for a fun way to understand pachinko.

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