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*Please let me know beforehand if you have food restrictions or allergies.

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Hi I am Sumi, a certified cooking instructor. I have worked as an instructor for three years and have just started my own cooking class!

I enjoy eating as much as I love cooking. I also love to travel.
My favorite part of traveling is trying out different dishes of each country and teaching people who I meet about Japanese cuisine. I really like Japanese cuisine. That is why I started my own cooking class.
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Reviews (14)

  • thomas thomas

    Learning to cook traditional Japanese food with Sumi was a brilliant experience and a fantastic way to start my trip in Tokyo.
    The host, Sumi, speaks excellent English and is a patient, friendly and charismatic instructor. The session was for 3 hours and thoroughly enjoyable throughout. No previous cooking experience needed before going. As well as cooking, Sumi also offered lots of advice on things to do during my trip to Tokyo which was a great help. Possible to go alone or in a group. I will be recommending the cooking lesson to friends and family who go to Tokyo and I will hopefully join again during my next visit to Tokyo. Thanks Sumi, hope to see you again for another session soon.

  • Rivka Rivka

    Sumiko is a really lovely girl and very thorough in her approach. I arranged a menu which included grilled and pickled salmon in flavoured soy sauce; green beans with black sesame dressing; simmered pumpkin (niban-dashi); potato and onion miso soup (iciban-dashi) and rice. It was a wonderful meal, which I have been able to replicate to some degree back at home. It is an interesting cultural experience and has given me a greater appreciation of Japanese style cooking. It is just not the same doing this just by recipe. I also liked Sumi's cookware so much that I bought the most wonderful measuring cup to take home with me.

  • Charles TK Charles TK

    From a cup everyday noodle eating guy with no experience in cooking, I went to Sumi-san's class with a little hesitation, but to my surprise, it was better than I thought.

    First of all, Sumi-san provides you with instructions in both Japanese and English. So, that's a big help to all foreigners who are interested in learning authentic japanese dish without having to go through the daunting challenge of reading and interpreting kanji.

    Secondly, Sumi-san is an experienced cook. What I mean by that is that she not only knows a lot but she also does not hesitate to share her knowledge and is always willing to teach us the little extra tidbits that are not written in books.

    Finally, the classes are done in a very casual atmosphere. So, even if you are new, or don't feel at ease in a kitchen, there is basically no pressure. You can just slowly relax and let it grow on you. And then, most importantly, have fun doing it!

  • Piia Suhonen Piia Suhonen

    We cooked a traditional japanese menu. The food was delicious, the teacher Sumiko was very nice and a good teacher! The place was clean and had everything you need when cooking. It was so nice to learn everything from Sumiko. Thank you Sumiko! We had a grate time!

  • Angelica Lim Angelica Lim

    Sumiko is a friendly host and experienced teacher. She tailored our menu to our tastes and dietary restrictions, and we thoroughly enjoyed making (and eating!) the healthy Japanese meal of chirashi sushi, chawanmushi, soup and mitarashi dango. I was impressed by her planning and pertinent cooking tips. I also really liked the location. Very bright and happy! Thanks Sumi! We had a lot of fun!

  • Rafael Rafael

    Very nice

    Something else to do besides visiting temples, gardens, which is also great. But it is nice to seat and learn to do something from the country, during a long trip. Very nice to meet and chat with our host, on a very nice atmosphere and on a real Japanese house. Very kind host.

    Maybe learning sushi is not the must difficult to learn. I would suggest to learn traditional food, instead.

  • flora flora

    It was a great experience to learnt & cooked traditional Japanese food in real Japanese house & kitchen . Leant some secrets I never know about Japanese cuisine .

  • Louise Louise

    I had a really wonderful experience with Sumiko. The other people booked on the course dropped out at the last minute, but Sumiko still ran the class just for me. She's a kind, friendly person and a great teacher. Thanks so much!

  • christel christel

    Sumiko is a nice and pleasant young lady. I was lucky to be there at the end of the year, which is a special period culinary speaking. I learnt few of the dishes proposed for those festive meals. I spent a nice moment, getting familiar with few classical flavors of the japanese cooking as well as few food products I had no clue about. I recommend this experience to all home-cooking lovers and home-eating lovers!

  • Ambrose Ambrose

    Being a first time visitor of Japan, I wanted to do something fun and meaningful. I thought learning how to cook Japanese food would be awesome and I was very happy that I found Sumi's cooking class. It was easy to communicate with her prior to the lesson. During the lesson, Sumi was very informative, well organized and had everything planned out beforehand. Being a novice in cooking, I really had a fun time learning how to cook. After the lesson, she also emailed me the recipes in English. Overall, I had a lot of fun learning how to cook in Sumi's class. I would definitely book for her cooking lessons again the next time I come back to Japan.