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  • About 2-hours manga drawing class which is run by a professional manga artists.
  • In a step-by-step manner while the teacher reviews and corrects the participants' drawing and helps them to draw. You can receive a precise guidance in English without interpreters and spend a fulfilling time that is efficient and stress free.
  • Many references, authentic manga original art from published manga.
  • Get familiar with the special manga tools and materials such as screen tones, dip pens and ink
  • Produce a piece of art to take home as a souvenir. All skill levels are welcome

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10 minutes on foot from JR Nakano Station
The detailed directions will be provided after your booking is confirmed.

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What you need to bring

Nothing. If you are not a beginner, bringing your art would be helpful.

Meet your host :
  • English (Fluent)
  • 日本語 (Fluent)

Are you interested in Japanese manga? Would you like to draw manga like character, or more?

Manga school Nakano is located about 5 minutes on foot from subcultural spot "Nakano Broadway", and 10 minutes from JR Nakano station.
We offer lessons on how to draw manga in English.

Nao Yazawa, the teacher of our school, is offering lessons to people from all over the world. She is most well known for her manga series "Wedding Peach" which was also made into an anime series. You can learn how to draw manga in English and master the know-how in our school!

We offer manga experience here, you can draw manga-type character with the authentic manga tools during our 2 hour course.

You can receive a precise guidance in English without interpreters and spend a fulfilling time that is efficient and stress free.

In School, there are Mini Course, Short Course and Long Course for Standard Lessons. You can choose the courses depending on your needs and level. You will learn how to use tools and tips for drawing characters for the beginners. There is also a special curriculum for the experienced to master the high-level manga production skills.
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Reviews (14)

  • Rachael Rachael

    Kids loved it!

    This was a great class! The teachers English was excellent and the kids (9 and 8) are very proud of their Pikachu drawings.

  • Alan Alan

    I had a lot of fun.

    Nao was very adaptable and entertaining.

    I learnt I need to practice inking more.

    My host was a pure joy. I'm going to try to bring my whole family next time!

    If you use Google Maps, opt for the easiest to remember, and print out the address as well as the map.

  • Debbie Debbie

    Absoulutely worth the cost. Really flexible and knowledgable teacher.

    The school is easy to get to and find via public transport. I did about 5 hours and learnt everything I was hoping to plus some extra things I didn't know I needed. Helped with where to buy supplies as well. Teacher was really knowledgeable, good English and very patient with all my questions.
    If you are into manga or just art n generally the process is really interesting. Highly recommended.

  • 聖方 聖方

    Great exoerience

    The teacher, Miss Yazawa Nao, is the artist of the well-known Wedding Peach (comic version). I was very excited to meet her, and we talked a lot about manga expression including story, punchline setup, layout, and design of viewing perspective, and rhythm. Miss Yazawa also personally demonstrated and gave me advice on drawing skeletons. Basically the teacher can adjust the lecture based on your degree, so therefore whether you are a beginner or have already been very familiar with manga drawing, I believe eventually you can learn something, and really enjoy the learning process.

  • Chazity Chazity

    It's a really fun activity! Even though I have no artistic ability, I was able to draw a character! Inking and applying screen tones was really fun!

  • Zoey Zoey

    It is an enriching experience. Teacher Nao is very patient and guides us step by step. I will recommend this to anyone who will like to have a deeper understanding in Manga.

  • Ruthie Ruthie

    Great introduction to Manga drawing!

    The teacher was very welcoming and great at tailoring the lesson to my level of skills after asking what subject I would like to focus on.
    With excellent English and great sense of humour, she gave me an introduction to the fundamental difference between manga and western art way of thinking - which was fascinating and educational.
    The pointers she offered me on my weaknesses/bad habits as an artist has helped me improve in my own art and are now part of my "toolbox" as well as the guiding question she ask while developing an original character.
    Watching her draw is an experience in itself, btw.
    I'm really grateful for the opportunity to meet and learn this way, and recommend it all heartedly!
    There are other things to see in Nakano, so you might want to dedicate an entire morning to the area.

  • Nick Nick

    Nick San

    Great experience for my wife and son. Teacher was very good. Thank you

  • Virginie Virginie

    Great for beginners and professionals!

    My husband and I loved this experience!
    He is a professional artist and I... well I'm far from being good at drawing. But the teacher she was amazing and I even impressed myself! ;) She adapted easily for my level, as well as my husband's level.

  • David David

    Nice Instructions and Demonstrations

    The instructor was very thorough with her instructions and giving hands-on demonstrations for you to watch and learn.

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