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I'm Japanese calligrapher .
I've practiced Japanese calligraphy for 20years.

Today, I hold workshop of Japanese calligraphy for foreign tourists in asakusa and harajuku etc.
And I held workshop in Vancouver.
I'm looking forward to teach you Japanese calligraphy.
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Reviews (10)

  • Ruben Ruben

    Great introduction to calligraphy

    Waki met me at the Kaminarimon and the class was held in a very cozy bar in Asakusa (not open to the public at the moment). Her ability with the brushes is impressive and I enjoyed watching her writing as much as practising. She is very nice and a gentle teacher. We started with the different types of strokes, which I could practice by writing my name that she had translated to Kanji for me. After a lot of practise she helped me find a message ("do your best") that I wrote on a big cardboard that I have brought back home. I have always been interested in calligraphy, but it was my first attempt at shodo, and I was very happy with the lesson. Waki was great answering all my questions and showing the right way to perform each stroke. I did really enjoy the lesson and I think it is a great introduction to the beautiful world of Japanese calligraphy.

  • Graeme Graeme

    Our family did a one-hour absolute beginners' class with Waki. She is very pleasant and charming. In an hour we learned that writing kanji is much, much harder than it looks. The time flew by. We met Waki near Harajuku station and she led us to a tiny, slightly grimy, smoky-smelling little bar (which was not operating as a bar at the time) up 4 flights of stairs near Takeshita Dori. Not the classiest place, but OK and well set out with plenty of paper, brushes and ink. We learned (or tried to learn) some basic kanji strokes, then to write our names, and then did our best to write our names on small blank folding fans (sensu) supplied by Waki. That didn't work so well, as the surface was obviously not flat. Waki, if you read this, maybe flat fans (uchiwa) would be better? Anyway it didn't matter, we still enjoyed it and are glad we did it. Recommended.

  • Faadzil Faadzil

    I have never seen Japanese calligraphy done in person before and this experience was truly a fun and great one!! I was very late to the session but fortunately Waki-san was patient enough for waiting for me (sorry again Waki-san!). Anyway, from her I learned a lot about brush technique and various different strokes there are in Japanese calligraphy and honestly watching her do it made me realise that Shodo itself requires one to be relaxed, patient and make sure that every stroke is gracefully performed. Thus why her work is truly beautiful! I really had so much fun and thank you again for being patient with me and to anyone who hasn't given this a go, I suggest you do!!

  • Angela Angela

    I have only briefly tried using Chinese brushes to write characters when I was younger, so I was interested in this class to make a unique souvenir for myself. Waki met me near the location in Harajuku (which looks like a cute night spot/bar) and patiently instructed me with the different brush strokes. I ended up creating some new year postcards that I'm hoping will impress my family back at home! The experience is surprisingly challenging as well as satisfying, which you probably wouldn't realise when you see how easy Waki makes it look. :)

  • Xue lin Xue lin

    A very peaceful but difficult experience

    Waki received us with a smile even though we were a little late. She taught us the basics of the calligraphy techniques, but when it came down for us to try it, it was actually really hard. It was very peaceful to practice it in the end. Calligraphy really is a form of art you will come to respect after this experience.

  • Johnnie Johnnie

    Fustrating but fun!

    Unfortunately it was a grey rainy day when our Japanese Caligraphy lesson with Waki finally came but it was a nice, fun and relaxing day nevertheless.

    We met up with Waki at the Kaminarimon shrine and followed her 10mins back through a few beautifully decorated alleyways until we reached a dimly lit kareoke bar for our lessons. She gave us each our own bottle of sumi as well as grinding plates and brushes. She had us write our first and last names and taught us how to say and write happy new year on rice paper, then taught us our names in Chinese as well.

    She was very knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor. Would definitely recommend Waki to anyone who wanted a quick tour of Kaminarimon and a crash course in writing Japanese!

  • Eboni Eboni

    Shodo lesson in Asakusa!

    We had a great time with this introductory lesson in Japanese calligraphy. Waki-san was a fantastic instructor and was patient, thorough & accommodating. We absolutely love our souvenirs and left with an appreciation for the art and skill of calligraphy. Great for families!

  • Jane Jane

    Fabulous calligraphy class.

    My family and I had a wonderful, entertaining and educational experience learning some basic calligraphy with Waki. Our host was delightful, patient and encouraging and helped us write some lovely postcards. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

  • cassie cassie

    We really enjoyed the calligraphy class. Very interesting, fun and informative! And the host was amazing :)

  • Aurelie Aurelie

    Very nice experience, good advices from the host, who is also really nice.
    We had a good time!