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Get tickets for the unique Gundam-themed leisure facility in Odaiba, Tokyo! Discover the world of the giant robot in the Gundam Front Park, Tokyo!

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  • Get tickets for the unique Gundam Front Park in Odaiba, Tokyo
  • Discover the world of the legendary giant robot from the popular anime series
  • See the real-size Gundam in front of Odaiba Diver City

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We cannot 100% guarantee tickets. After we confirm your booking, we will purchase your tickets as soon as possible, but please be aware there's always a slight chance for them to sell out in the meantime.

In addition, you may not be able to receive a refund once we obtain tickets for you even it it is not within the cancellation policy.

In the event we cannot acquire tickets, we will reimburse you the full cost.

Please purchase tickets for the weekend early because they sell out fast.

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Reviews (32)

  • chun lei chun lei

    Average place to visit even if you are a gundam fan... would not recommend if you hope to find some rare merchandise, they don't even have any of their the trading card merchandise unlike the pokemon center

    Voyagin was great and fast response with my questions and it was easy to retrieve the ticket, but the disappointment part was the gundam tokyo front itself . The paying zone was just a small space that can be explore in like 10 minutes ? So to expand the time u stay there u will need to watch the 3 movies in the 3D dome which will extend your experience to about 1.5 hour at max... All the merchandise sold there was very limited and i wasn't able to find the things i want, any model shop in akihabara would probably have more choices.

  • Majed Majed

    A must for Gundam fans!

    They got a kindof museum inside with Gundam history time line. A movie theatre and speciality shop which sells gundum staff. Since I'm not a gundam huge fan, it was ok for me adding to it ofcourse the huge gundam statue outside the mall

  • Siew Yin Sabrina Siew Yin Sabrina

    Amazing Gundam!

    The tickets purchased via voyagin covers entrance fees (which can be bought onsite as well) but I really enjoyed the personalised service of receiving the tickets upon hotel check-in.

    Kudos to the team for making the arrangements.

  • Marcus Marcus

    Gundam front

    If your a Gundam fan then it is def worth checking out, but there isn't a huge amount of things there to do, the cinema portion is cool but if you don't speak Japanese the story etc is easily lost on you but the action is cool. Inside there is a bit of info about different Gundams, a well stocked shop you can buy lots from and a section where you can learn how to make them properly, overall it's not a bad spot to kill an hour or so and see some cool Gundam stuff

  • Tom Tom

    worth going to if your a gundam fan ^-^"

  • Nicole Nicole

    Had a great time! Picking up the tickets was super easy.

    You don't have to get a ticket to see the Gundam itself or about half of the "park", but they have some cool exhibits that fans will want to see. They have a mockup of the Unicorn Gundam's cockpit for pictures as well as three big screens you can use to call up life-size images of the main casts from every Gundam series (for GW fans, they have different versions for Wing and Endless Waltz) to take photos with.

    If you can, go at opening (1000) during the week - you'll have the place to yourself. If you go alone and it's not busy, the staff is happy to take photos of you with your camera for free. Also, I highly recommend buying the extra"G-Shot" photo - it's great! You get a 2-D and a 3-D photo in a very nice display folder. You get to choose the background around the cockpit (it's a very nice mockup, much better than the one on the ground floor) and you get to wear your choice of a pilot's uniform jacket in both photos as well. Seriously, if you're already buying an entrance ticket, get the G-Shot ticket too.

    They play two short movies throughout the day. Unless you can understand Japanese or are just that big a fan, feel free to skip the "A" movie. The "B" movie didn't have any dialog and was pretty cute, so see it if you have time while you're there. You might as well since it's part of the ticket price.

    One thing to keep in mind is how to actually get into the "park" part. I found the Gundam outside Tokyo Diver first, but the park itself is inside on the opposite end of the mall on the 7th floor. Only one set of escalators goes all the way to the entrance, so get to the six floor and just walk around until you find it. It won't take you long. If you get really lost, look for signs for the "Round 1" amusement area, it's in the same part of the mall as the Gundam park.

  • Kok Boon Kok Boon

    Service is fast, received the ticket during hotel check-in. Good job!!!

  • Charles Charles

    If you love the Gundam Universe, model making, and Gundam merchandise as much as I do, you will really enjoy this. We got to Diver City around 9:30 am and no body was there. So we went into the Gundam Cafe and got some delicious Gundam themed food. Don't buy anything until you get to the exhibit! Then we went to the 7th floor and it was 11am (on a Tuesday). The place was completely dead so we got to do whatever we wanted. We saw both special Gundam films back to back, took pictures of the exhibits and looked at everything uninterrupted. We got our G-Shot photo. ONE TICKET IS GOOD FOR A COUPLE! You get to put on an officer outfit and the photo is very nice, it's also 3D and you get to put characters added in the photo with you if you want. Then after we did everything we went to the store and bought some cool shirts, a zaku II pillow, and awesome Gundam models. They have an exclusive RX-78-2 giant model and there are video games in the various different gundam stores. Once again, if you like Gundam, save your money up for this place. After you're done with Gundam Front there is a delicious conveyor belt sushi resturant and creepy maid cafe you should try to visit. There is also a really good arcade across from the Gundam front you should visit. I also suggest you visit Oedo Onsen and Sega Joypolis. I spent 3 days of my vacation here and had a great time. It's a good fill of Japanese pop culture to balance out the historical visits.

  • Madeleine Madeleine

    It was a really enjoyable experience at Gundam Front especially for my husband and I who loves building Gunpla. Definitely a place for Gundam fans or non fans not to miss. Getting the tickets from Voyagin was easy and convenient too eventhough I was staying at a rented accommodation, all I had to do was get the tickets sent to my host's home and it was passed to me when I arrived in Tokyo.

  • Yusuf Darwin Yusuf Darwin

    Good arrangement. when we arrive the tickets already with reception.

    very good customer satisfaction program