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Reviews (26)

  • Eliana Eliana

    A world-class experience for wrestling fans!

    Retrieving the tickets from the Voyagin office was easy and the staff was friendly and attentive.

    The event itself was phenomenal! I checked it out on a recommendation and I have to say that it was worth it! The energy of the show kept us hyped and never failed to keep our attention. We bought the masu seat option and it worked for us but if you aren't into sitting on the floor then I'd recommend you not choose this option.

  • Robert Robert

    Disappointed immensely with the seat that Voyagin purchased me.

    I LOVE NJPW and have seen two shows live in tokyo before, but did not use Voyagin in the past. Buying tickets in japan is very inconvenient and so i I thought I would try using Voyagin this time and was very disappointed with the service offered. Only two grades of tickets were offered by voyagin on the website - Arena seats and 2nd floor seating.

    However, 4 grades of ticket were actually sold by NJPW, and there is a very big difference between the two grades of 2nd floor seating. Voyagin did not mention this and in fact the tickets that were purchased for us were the absolute furthest possible. We were literally sitting against the back wall of the second floor and could not see anything. Furthermore, the seats were very uncomfortable, unlike the much nicer seats just a few rows down.

    Much better seats were available, and i have seen the yokozuna tournament before and sat in the better seats on the 2nd floor personally. Voyagin did not even offer for these seats. I felt very cheated to have the furthest possible seat, worth 45000, bought for me and i paid 70000 for it. I understand the service fee, but i was willing to pay more for better seats and voyagin didn't even offer this possibility. I feel swindled.

    In the future, I hope voyagin will display, and use, a floor seating map to help customers understand where the seats are, because it was NOT made clear we would be in the very back. I have used and recommended voyagin before, and told people it is a great service. However, I will now need to stop recommending voyagin and in fact recommend people do not use it. I will also need to leave bad reviews of voyagin on Facebook, google, and TripAdvisor.

    In the end, My friends decided to leave, and i spent 110,000 to buy a new ticket down in the Arena, sitting on the floor, just so that i could see the show. It was a horrible experience, and ruined the night and partially ruined my trip to japan. I will not use voyagin again until the system of buying and explaining tickets is improved.

    In other words: voyagin, get your shit together. You are a concierge service and you need to make sure your customers are satisfied with the experience or at least with the service. All i wanted from you is to go buy some wrestling tickets. It's really not asking much. You should have gone to the arena and become familiar with it yourself before offering the service, so you can give proper options and recommendations to your customers. No one at voyagin warned me that they were selling me very bad seats. I was happy to pay voyagin more for better seats!!!!!

  • Stephen Stephen

    Service great

    Service was great. They kicked me back a discounted rate even, though I didn't get the ringside I requested, I was pretty close and I think that was on the promoter not voyagin.

  • Allan Allan

    Amazing seats in Korakuen Hall for the Best of the Super Juniors

    Had great seats to an awesome show. Price was adjust and was given a refund since they were able to be acquired at a cheaper price.

  • John John

    Wow, what a great time

    How great is it to be able to see Japanese Wrestling live? Please do yourself a favor and get the tickets if it works with your traveling schedule

  • Andrew Andrew


    Big sold out show and it is hard for non-Japan-based people to get tickets. Voyagin came through perfectly. Great communication for seat selection and tickets waiting for me at hotel. Couldn't ask for better. A+ all around.

  • Jonathan Jonathan

    Fantastic wrestling show, but seats were left to be desired

    The show was amazing, fantastic athleticism and I've been a fan for a while now, so it was great to see it live. However I paid nearly 100 pounds for these tickets and these were the most expensive tickets on Voyagin and it was "special ringside tickets" - I was expecting to be right next to the action and in front so I could use my camera. However I was about 5 rows back from the ringside and squashed between two people - not exactly ringside tickets. I was quite disappointed by the seat location and I think this should be more clear.

  • Dorota Dorota

    The show itself was great. Also, we got tickets without problems. We got tickets in the actual middle, ring was near, that was nice!
    But, you know - it was my first ever trip to Japan. I had no idea I am buying tickets where I have to sit on the floor! I understand for some people it might be obvious - not for me. If I knew, that I'll choose cheaper ones - with chairs, but far away from ring. We got tickets numbered 3 and 4, so we sat behind someone, in tight cubic, so I barely saw anything. People who sat with us were great, they saw we are westerns and gave us a lot of space to changing position. And it was necessary, because I forgot mentioned that - I have bad knees. So I spent five hours in pain, trying to enjoy show and next day I was chained to my bed and trying to recover, that's why I had to pass some activities I had planned. Because of that small detail I am highly disappointed. If seats were better described, I could avoid a lot of troubles.

  • Jorrell Jorrell

    Had the most amazing night. First the area the venue in was an absolute treat. Tokyo dome city had a mall with an indoor roller coaster, good food, and magic water light show all in the same square. Snuck in the garage and took photos with the NJPW supply truck. When I got to the show spent all my gift money in the merch area. The show was amazing, the crowd was hype and the action was non-stop. I can't thank my Voyagin host for making the whole process easy too. I highly recommend this show if your in town. 3 hours felt like 1 with all the fun we were having. Went home and found my self on japanesse tv. Unforgettable night.

  • Edward Edward

    Great service from Voyagin and amazing show

    I used Voyagin to get 2 tickets for the NJPW Road to Destruction show at Korakuen Hall. Voyagin were a pleasure to deal with - the tickets were waiting for me at my hotel the day before, just as promised.

    The show itself was awesome - a really great experience whether you're a wrestling fan or not. Couple of tips - NJPW have a video on Youtube in English showing you how to get to Korakuen Hall from Suidobashi metro station which is really helpful to watch beforehand. Also, when you get into foyer of the hall itself (which is on the 5th floor), the foyer has a map showing the layout of the seating - numbering is in English, and worth checking this so you know where you're heading when you get into the hall.

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