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Get tickets for an authentic Kabuki theater performance in Tokyo! Visit the iconic Kabuki-za Theater or another Kabuki hall and watch a performance by nation-wide famous actors with historical titles!

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  • Enjoy a performance of Kabuki theater in some of Tokyo's iconic Kabuki halls such as Kabuki-za in Ginza
  • See with your eyes the famous Kabuki actors with historical titles
  • Smooth ticket purchase and delivery
  • Earphone guide in English available!

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The Kabuki theater hall

Important Information

Kabuki theatre is popular, and tickets sell out quickly.
Please contact with the host as soon as possible.

If you want to watch the full show please make separate bookings for each time slot. The full show consists of 2 or 3 segments. It depends on the month.

For your information, you can borrow Earphone-Guide at reception (Rental fee: 700 yen)
Earphone-Guide: dialogue and lyrics, explanation of plots, backgrounds, and intentions of each scenes

What you need to bring

Your physical or e-ticket, as instructed by the Voyagin Team on your message dashboard:

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Reviews (10)

  • Yumiko Yumiko

    Eye opener

    This was my first time to visit kabuki theater. It was funny I had never visited there when I lived in Japan. It was very exciting that I experienced culture of my country. My American husband enjoyed just as much. I would like to go there again.

  • Angshuman Angshuman

    Superb service by Voyagin

    I wished to watch a Bunraku show before leaving Japan for good. Voyagin hosts understood my interest and as a special case (Bunraku at Tokyo is not enlisted on Voyagin), kindly arranged for the tickets at the only day it was possible before my journey. They even created a special booking option in Kabuki to accomodate me.
    To my host: I am touched by your gesture. I am sure you are similarly bringing a lot of joy to many others. Keep it up, because this cannot be paid for and hence invaluable. Thanks again.

  • Angshuman Angshuman

    Helpful staff

    Voyagin support staff have helped me in deciding the date, time of Kabuki show, including some further information on the perfformances. I benefitted from these discussions and it spared me some of my time and effort to book the tickets. Keep it up.

  • Phillipa Phillipa

    This was good - needed better directions to get to it. Had to rely on Google Maps to get there. The two shows we saw were funny. If you don't speak Japanese HIGHLY recommend the visual accompaniment so you know what is going on, otherwise it can seem boring.
    With the visual accompaniment it is entertaining and a great insight into Japanese culture. Don't feel rude if you want to leave early though - it runs pretty long and has multiple intermissions so you can buy food and drink or leave early.

  • Jack Jack

    Kabuki is amazing I was so impressed. I defiantly want to go back and see more. I was happy that I got to see the Renjishi, my favourite Kabuki character. The Kabuki-za theatre was really nice and the four hour performances flew by very fast because of how much I enjoyed it. I love the rich colours and the mie poses.

  • Adam Kenichi Adam Kenichi

    It was worth the money. It has been a long time since I've watched a Kabuki show and to bring my girlfriend along who was so engrossed with the show really made it worth while.

  • Rolv-Håkon Rolv-Håkon

    Yuki was really helpful and I got the tickets waiting for me when I got to my hotel. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to attend the show, but a friend of mine went instead and she enjoyed it a lot. I will definitely check out a Kabuki show the next time I go to Japan!

  • Selene Selene

    Beautiful and uniquely japanese!

    Visually spectacular and beautiful to watch! Traditional Japanese at its finest, with drama and arresting imagery that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Supremely important to rent a translation device for a mere $10 to better understand the content. Otherwise, the meaning of events will baffle the foreign viewer. Human tragedy, the influence of gods and spirits, and a mesmerizing cast of passionate actors. The four hours of viewing go quickly in the midst of so much beauty and artistry. Absolutely buy your tickets beforehand since shows sell out and have them delivered to your guesthouse/hotel. The Japanese code of precision and excellence assures you that tickets will be waiting for your arrival as you requested. All seats are excellent so you needn't spend a fortune in booking.

  • Molly Molly

    Do it!

    I was talked into going and I loved it. The Voyagin team was great. They communicate very well. We bought the $219 tickets because it was a once in a lifetime thing and it was worth it. The Voyagin team selected our seats, which were perfect. We requested our tickets weeks in advance and picked them up at their office near the Shibuya station. They provided directions, step-by-step, with photos, which were fail proof. I am learning Japanese, so besides enjoying the costumes, music, and performances, it was fun to try and understand. You can get a translation in many languages, but it isn't necessary. The theatre is so easy to find, and it is near the fish market and several shrines. Treat yourself!

  • Cathryn Cathryn

    LOVED IT. It was a entertaining evening, very different theatre experience compared with Western productions. I had B grade tickets and had a great seat and view. Well worth the money.

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