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Visit the world's largest anime convention held annually in March at Tokyo Big Sight. Discover all the attractions and amazing exhibits that Anime Japan 2017 in Tokyo has to offer!

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  • Get an advance ticket to Anime Japan 2017
  • Explore the giant exhibition area inside Tokyo Big Sights
  • Visit many exhibition booths, panels and see stage shows
  • Meet friends and fans from all over the world!

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Important Information

We cannot 100% guarantee tickets. After we confirm your booking, we will purchase your tickets as soon as possible, but please be aware there's always a slight chance for them to sell out in the meantime.

In addition, you may not be able to receive a refund once we obtain tickets for you even it it is not within the cancellation policy.

In the event we cannot acquire tickets, we will reimburse you the full cost.

Please purchase tickets for the weekend early because they sell out fast.

What you need to bring

- Ticket voucher
- Your heart to enjoy this event!

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Reviews (34)

  • Lawrence Lawrence

    Anime Japan 2016

    It is a great place for anime lover like myself as the experience is totally different from Singapore. I would strongly recommend anime lovers to visit this exhibition if you go to Japan during March

  • Francisco Javier Francisco Javier

    Quick and easy to get the tickets

    It was a great event!! The cosplayers were the best part :D

    It is a problem for foreigners like me to buy tickets for events like this before arriving to Japan. Some sites allow you to do it but most of them are only in japanese or have restrictions like delivery only in Japan. That's why this service was perfect for me, I wanted to be sure to have my ticket and didn't want to wait to buy them in Japan just a few days before the event.

  • Ignasius Ignasius

    AMAZING SUSHI EXPERIENCE. Absolutely worth it

    My full experience can be read here: But in short, I will wholeheartedly recommend anyone who is in Tokyo to try this unique experience. Chef Masa will fill your appetite and more. I ate for about 3-4 hours, and if it weren't for the fact that I was pressed for time, Chef Masa would've served me more delicious sushi and sashimi.

  • Cesar Eliecer Cesar Eliecer

    Great experience

    Tickets were in my hotel when I got there and the event was worth it.

  • Imad Imad

    Professional service - tickets delivery & instructions

    The ticket vouchers were delivered to my hotel even before I checked in. They came with detailed instructions on how to get there, what time to be there and how to get in.
    Everything you need to know about the event is in the letter from Voyagin. They also sent follow-up emails prior to the event that were both informative and helpful.

    Unfortunately, I was quite sick that weekend so I couldn't make it to the event. Will definitely try and make this event next time!

  • Morten Andreas Gullbrå Morten Andreas Gullbrå

    An Amazing Trip To AnimeJapan 2016!

    We traveled to Japan for 2 weeks becuse of this and I will defently do it again. As an anime fan is this some of the coolest thing I've done. As aeverything else in Japan, is it hard to recive tickets for people outside Japan if you want to recive them before it starts. Thank you Voyagin for a Great support here, we even got stage viewer pass. It is possible to Buy tickets at AnimeJapan, but I do recommend to get them before it starts.

    +++ Will always remember this 2 days!

  • Ben Ben

    Flawless execution

    Our tickets were waiting for us when we got to our hotel that night, so we were all set for the convention the next day.

  • Geraldine Siaw Hong Geraldine Siaw Hong

    Spent an amazing day indulging in my otaku-ism

    I got there around 10am, just slightly after the opening time and there were already millions of people there lining up. It was great to see so many people who share the same passion gather under one roof. The cosplayers did a fantastic job with their costumes and makeup. Plenty of interesting things to see (and free magazines/ pretty brochures to take) from the booths promoting upcoming animes. I particularly love the Sony booth because they were having a VR-experience booth, and of course, I signed myself up and tried on the virtual-reality goggles!! Fantastic!

  • Cody Cody

    Very different

    Had a great time, the convention was very different from the ones in the United States - I have so much anime stuff now! Thankfully Voyagin was there to get our tickets in advanced, I would not have wanted to wait in those lines! Just as promised they were waiting at the hotel desk when we arrived, which was handy because we couldn't even check in yet, so it gave us something fun to do while we waited. Was a lot of fun. Thanks, will definitely use Voyagin again!

  • Mark Mark


    I'd like to review this experience in two parts. 1 - Voyagin and 2 - The Anime 2016

    Voyagin was great! My tickets were ready and waiting for me at my hotel. They were even able to get me stage passes to one of the events. 5 out of 5 for Voyagin!

    The event itself was the most crowded convention I have ever seen. The line for lunch was over an hour long. There were even lines to buy souvenirs. I wanted to purchase a few things from Aniplex but again the line was over an hour long just to buy something. (The picture I attached is of the Aniplex queue) Overall, I'm glad I went and it was an experience I wont forget. I just wont be going again anytime soon.

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