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What you need to bring

Please bring an extra set of clothes as your clothes may get dirty from fishing.

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Hi everyone,
We are Voyagin Concierge Service.

There are so many great restaurants, theme parks and other attractions in Japan waiting to be discovered, but they can be so hard or even impossible to experience if you don't speak Japanese!

Not to worry! We are here to help you out with your tickets, passes and reservations so you can easily make your plans before you arrive and have the best possible time when you're here.

Forget the stress, fix your plans and don't miss out!

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Reviews (9)

  • Victoria Victoria

    Nice experience, a bit expensive, but nice!

  • Nicole Nicole

    The restaurant was so much fun! I found it very easily thanks to the map. The staff were very helpful and I caught a fish quite quickly. I only got splashed a little bit, most people would probably be fine in nice clothes. I was suprised by the price range. they have an option that's under Y1000 if you're worried about your budget. The drinks were decently priced as well, especially considering the restaurant is in a hotel. All in all, I highly recommend Zauo, especially if you get your fish butter-yaki style!

  • astrid astrid

    The kids had a blast fishing their own dinner. The service was fantastic, but the food wasn't great.

  • Chris Chris

    I was looking forward to this experience before I arrived in Japan and it lived up to all my expectations. The idea of catching fish and eating them appealed to me and was great fun. They fish were easy to catch - there were small rods with a tiny hook and lots of prawns! We went early so the fish bit readily - by the time we left they were a bit slow so early is best. You had to be quick and I hooked three before I finally got one into the net. You had a choice of grilled fish or sashimi (or half and half) and the fish were very tasty. The main choices were a perch type fish and flounder. There were also lobsters and shellfish. A lot of splashing but you are unlikely to get seriously wet. I am 58 but I am sure this would also be great fun for younger kids!

  • Juliana Ayu Juliana Ayu

    My brother and nephew are avid anglers. They love fishing so I knew they would enjoy having dinner here and I was right. They spent more time next to the pool rather than on the table. For them, THIS is Disneyland!
    I arranged with Yuki for a host to accompany us to the restaurant as I was worry about communicating with the restaurant staff. The assigned host, Tomomi was very helpful throughout the dinner. She arranged to meet us at a train station and quickly guide us to restaurant. Through her, we managed to properly order the food and requested how we'd like the fish we caught to be cooked. We got them grilled and sliced for sashimi. The food was delicious, especially the salad.
    I recommend people coming to Zauo restaurant, even for just the experience and if you can't speak Japanese, I suggest you bring someone who can. In my case, I'm very glad we had Tomomi with us, otherwise the night could turned out quite the opposite.
    After the dinner, Tomomi brought us up to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building nearby. Since I was exhausted and full from dinner, I didn't spare enough time to appreciate the view but nevertheless, it was spectacular. We decided to take the taxi home since we were too tired to take the train and Tomomi went all the way get the taxi for us. Even ran across the street while the rest of us just lazily strolling behind. What a champ!

  • Yu-Hua Yu-Hua

    Fish your own dinner, super yum yum

    We went to the Osaka branch. Such a beautiful restaurant surrounded by man made ponds full of different kinds of fish. You get given your own bait and start to fish your preferred fish. For some people to was quick to catch their 1st fish, for others it took a little longer. Layout in the restaurant is great. You can even fish from your own table. We were a bit unlucky at first with no fish caught after 1 hour, but the staff helped us to get one. It was super delicious and worth all the effort. You should definitely try the sashimi as well as the grilled fish. Prices are good too and atmosphere is warm and pleasant. Check it out if you are in town.

  • Lynette Lynette

    Aaaaa! I caught it!

    Zaou Gotanda is a cool theme restaurant where you can fish for your fish. I, the brave fisher woman, caught three fish for my family's dinner. The fish were NOT hungry at our 8:00 pm reservation, so I pretty much just dragged my hook through the water and snagged the fishes skin and finally caught them... Not very humane, but, eh... It was fun enough that I do want to try out the other Zaou restaurants in Tokyo. Yee-haw!

  • Sandra Sandra

    Great place. I went to a different restaurant (not the one in Shinjuku) so the boat was not available at this place. There was only room for one table on what looked like the front of a ship as the place was much smaller.. BUT.. It was fun. We were the first people there with a 6.30pm booking so we could chase the desired fish we wanted around the tank(s). The food was amazing, we ate enough food for 4 people between the two of us. I would go back here just for the novelty of it. Staff were very nice and tried to speak to us in English as much as they could.

  • L-A L-A

    Bonne ambiance

    Ambiance conviviale.
    Personnel très sympa.
    On pêche du poisson à coup sûr.

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