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Important Information

Until one and a half hours before when we close.

What you need to bring

Bring white or white-like T-shirt to wear under the Lolita clothes.

Meet your host :
  • 日本語 (Fluent)
  • English (Intermediate)

We offer you great chance to be Lolita,unique culture in Japan.
Looking forward to seeing you.
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Reviews (10)

  • Katherine Katherine

    Soooooo Kawaii!!!

    Love love love love love!!!! The Experience is soooo different! I have always love to dress up Lolita because i love my anime. This experience was quite unique. I normally don't do photoshoot because i am a very shy person infront of camera but the photographer made me feel very comfortable and and the staff are all soooooo cute! Thank you for the great experience :) ❤️❤️❤️



    The experience was great but the makeup is a little bit simple. Btw I like the photographer, he is very interesting.

  • Hoi Lam Hoi Lam


    It is nice experience. The staff is nice and helpful. The makeup, dress, background, pros photos and etc are beautiful.

  • Marcela Marcela

    Lolita experience !!

    Me and my sister tries this because it's a unique experience. The staff was very welcoming even though some of them didn't speak a lot of English, but they helped us a lot and were super friendly. It was definitely a fun experience and I recommend it.

  • Stephanie Stephanie

    Wonderful experience!

    I had a great time with my friend becoming a lolita!
    The staff was very nice and patient while letting us choose our outfits and getting dressed.
    The styling and makeup was also amazing!
    We were allowed to take a ton of selfies, in addition to the professional photos, which made everything worth it.
    I definitely recommend it if you are planning to be in Harajuku during your trip :)

  • Maryana Maryana

    Hi, that's was great experience and great help from Voyagin staff and professionals from the Salon !I would really recommend that unique experience if you want to try something really different and have great memories and time in Tokyo!
    Thanks ,

  • Ulrika Ulrika

    I loved it! The staff were really nice and very talented! I felt so beautiful afterwards and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life, thank you so much for doing this! It was super fun and I recommend it to everyone!!


  • Tracy Tracy

    What a fun experience! It was everything promised and more. I arranged this experience for my thirteen year old American daughter, who was a bit skeptical at first - but she did not stop laughing and smiling for a minute. I didn't realize that the experience also included a fairly professional mini-photo shoot. We can't wait to see the pictures. The other thing that was great about this experience was that it took us to a shopping area that we would never have found on our own - and there we really saw what the Japanese teen culture is all about in a very authentic way. This didn't feel touristy at all. Thank you voyagin so much!

    Ps: a small note- the shop was pretty hard to find even with Keito's addition to the basic address, it's important to know that the location is two flights downstairs.

  • Jamie Jamie

    This was the experience that first led me to the govoyagin site. What an interesting and awesome experience!

    Maison de Julietta is a small store on the B1.5 level of Laforet. As mentioned earlier, the selection isn't very large but the staff is very pleasant and efficient in what they do. After picking out your outfit and shoes, you are led to a small dressing room area (remove your shoes before entering the dressing room) where you change into the lolita clothing. Then you are led to a vanity area where your makeup (and wig if chosen) are applied. Once your transformation is complete, you are led to a photo area where you are posed and photographed. I didn't want to walk around Harajuku in the lolita clothing, but the opportunity was never presented either. Once the photo session was complete, the staff ushered me in to the dressing room to remove the dress/wig. Tea and cookies were never served. Upon leaving, we were presented with a small pre-packaged cookie and instructions on how to retrieve the photos in 10 days.

    Although the experience, in my opinion, was worth it... it definitely wasn't as magical as I had imagined it to be.

  • Jacqueline Jacqueline

    Overall it was a good experience, but had it's flaws. I was very disappointed that I wasn't allowed to leave the store dressed as a Lolita, something that had been advertised as part of the experience. Also a few more picture backgrounds would have been nice and I also felt a little rushed.

    The English level was not great but it was at an acceptable level for me. The clothes selection was small but nice. An interesting experience, but perhaps not quite value for money.

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