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Zen starts at 7 am on weekdays, and 5 pm on Sunday.
25 min meditation, 5 min break, then another 25 min meditation.

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  • You'll get to participate in Zen zazen

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The temple information will be provided upon booking.

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Reviews (10)

  • Irena Irena

    Great Experience with an amazing host!

    This was a great experience and my host was wonderful. She was in no rush to leave and had a drink with me after meditation. She made sure I knew exactly how to get there are went to great lengths to be helpful. 😊

  • Erika Erika

    A very special experience

    It was amazing to attend a Zen meditation in a beautiful temple in the center of Tokyo. I recommend this to everyone, even if you are not particularly interested in buddhism. It was very good to stop for a moment and try to clear our minds, even if we struggled struggled at first :)
    Our guide was Eddy and it was really easy to find the location according thanks to his notes. After the meditation he kindly offered to show us around for a few hours, so we had a coffee and went to see the Meiji-jingu together. He knows a lot about religion and tourist destinations (he also works as a tour guide in Narita), so all in all it was a really amazing experience. Well worth the money.
    Thank you very much!

  • Josef Josef

    Wonderful experience and great tour guide

    After the meditation my guide kindly enjoyed a cup of tea with me while talking about things to see and do in Tokyo!

  • aurélia aurélia

    Peaceful moment

    It is a really great and peaceful experience. Eiichi is such a kind person. He explained everything about Zazen from how to practice to its place in Japanese culture. The Zazen in itself is great, not too busy and I was the only foreigner in the room so it was a true immersion in the Japanese culture. When you get out of the temple you feel so serene, amazing feeling!

    Thank you very much for this experience!

  • Brian Brian

    An experience I'll never forget.

    An experience I'll never forget.

    This was one experience that lived up to my expectations. It helped give me some insight into Japanese culture and way of thought. To spend an hour of Zazen is a great way to begin the day.

    My guide, Satomi, did everything possible to help me. She is efficient, pleasant to speak with and stayed with me until the session was over.

    I recommend this event to anyone who wants to experience a different side to the Japanese way of life.

  • Otavio Otavio

    Very special experience

    The experience was very special, wonderful place in the middle of Tokyo and the host is a really great guy!

  • Erica Erica

    missed the whole tour...

    So yesterday morning I was supposed to be a part of a zen meditation. My portable wifi didn't charge so I was without wifi, I tried to figure out how to get there from memory... that didn't work and I was running late so I cabbed it and got there 10 min after our meeting time. So 6:55am (the website said it was 7pm... tour guide asked for 645pm the night before...) Five minutes before the meditation started. I had been asked to wait in front of 7-11. I waited for 15 minutes before realizing there were two 7-11's... across the street from each other... then went to check the other one. I did not see the guide at either.. I didn't have wifi to contact the guide so I went back to the station to get free wifi. I was able to contact him while I was heading back on the train to my hotel. We had missed the meditation but I was asked if I was still at the station. I made my way back to Hiroo station and told him I was just going to McDonald's. Unfortunately he had left already... I took too long to email him back.

    This whole thing was a bit confusing. I wish there had been more details to the meeting point and what my guide would have looked like, or a clear sign pointing to the meeting point. 

    I also should have had my wifi charged. Which is my mistake and would have made things a bit easier. But when something like that happens it would have been a lot easier if there were clearer directions involved. 

    I think you're website and tours are amazing and love the idea of it, but I'm just disappointed in the lack of directions.

  • marc marc

    Great !

    Thank you a lot for this new experience for us !
    Thank you for your smiley and your help for understanding meditation
    The tea and the sweet cake were the must ;-)
    I recommend everybody to try, even if the first time as me

  • Jonathan Jonathan

    This was a great experience and Mari, the host, was awesome. It is at a beautiful small temple and a very unique way to spend some vacation time. Afterwards we had breakfast at a great place nearby called Island Veggie--the banana and peanut butter sandwiches were perfect after a morning of Zen meditation.

  • Elizabeth Elizabeth

    This was an amazing experience! Rika was brilliant as a host - she had made contact by email several times before we went to Japan, so we already felt like we knew her. She & her husband Gareth met us (we followed the detailed instructions - including station, time & platform of trains! - that she had sent us) and immediately made us feel welcome. They took us to the beautiful temple where we would be doing the meditation & made sure we had time to take photos before going in.
    The meditation was wonderful - such a sense of peace. It consists of 25 mins meditation/5 mins break/25 mins meditation. Rika had given me a written description of what would happen, but I hadn't had time to share it with my husband & son. This meant that, during the second 25-minute session, I knew that the Master would be walking round with a large wooden stick &, if you put your hands together in front of you, that was the sign for him to whack you (quite hard!) twice on each shoulder. I made sure to keep my hands firmly in my lap! However, my husband & son had no idea how the Master was making his choice of "victim" & they had a nervous 5 mins before they worked it out!
    After the session, we were invited to join the Master & other meditators for a cup of green tea. There was absolutely no sense of rush. After that, we chatted some more with Rika & Gareth before we went on our way.
    I can't recommend Rika highly enough - she was a perfect host: warm, welcoming & informative. It was a pleasure to meet her & I would definitely suggest making the Zen meditation part of your Japanese holiday.

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