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23% OFF Robot Restaurant Shinjuku Tokyo E-Tickets

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Visit the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku! Now, you can get a 23% discount from the original price! Our price is ¥6800, and with bento box ¥7800.

And only with Voyagin, one free drink for each visitor! Plus additional freebies March 18th - April 30th

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  • Get 1 free drink that is worth 800 JPY with each ticket!
  • Free popcorn, take photos with the robots, and limited edition seal with 1st show every day until April 30th!
  • Dazzling lights and over-the-top decorations hype you up for a night of Tokyo madness!
  • Besides the food and drinks that you can order, make a reservation for the famous bento box that this restaurant has to offer; it's delicious!
  • Robots and performers are sure to astound with singing and dancing, taiko drums, girls battling, robots boxing, marching parades and much more!

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Please follow the map we will send you to our restaurant in Shinjuku. This is a self-guided experience.

Important Information

Your booking is not confirmed until you get a confirmation via email with subject "Booking Confirmed - 23% OFF Robot Restaurant Shinjuku Tokyo E-Tickets". You cannot enter without the e-voucher.

Please show it on your smartphone to the Robot Restaurant staff when you arrive. Please note that you may not be allowed to enter without this e-voucher - your electronic receipt cannot be accepted as an entry voucher

**Late arrivals cannot be admitted** Please arrive 30 minutes before the main show starts.

Entry times:
3:20pm to 3:30pm (Main Show starts at 4:00pm)
5:15pm to 5:25pm (Main Show starts at 5:55pm)
7:10pm to 7:20pm (Main Show starts at 7:50pm)
9:05pm to 9:15pm (Main Show starts at 9:45pm)

Please be sure to check-in by the entry times provided above. Entry will not be permitted if you miss the entry time.

Please also note that guests are prohibited from attending the show if they are:
- Drunk
- Wearing sunglasses
- Disheveled in appearance
- Wearing excessive costumes
- Gang members or anyone with visible tattoos (please cover up if you have them)

What you need to bring

Confirmation email with title "Booking Confirmed - 23% OFF Robot Restaurant Shinjuku Tokyo E-Tickets"

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Reviews (770)

  • Ashley Ashley

    AMAZING show! Who could go wrong with dancing robots?!

    Random, crazy, fun show! You'll never see anything like it! Although it may not have a concrete story-line, it has amazing, energetic dancers & performers!! Even some battle scenes which was fun! My favourite part was the dancing robots! It was great to watch, with cool effects & laser-lights. They even give you ear covers for your children in case the show is too loud for them. Very considerate people, friendly and fun!

  • Oramai Oramai

    Uniquely entertaining

    My third trip to Tokyo and we finally saw this show! My family and I were thoroughly entertained. My teenage sons were impressed and that says a lot. We skipped the bento box but did get the drinks that came with the ticket. The discounted tickets through voyagin was easy to redeem. There was so much to going on it was like Vegas meets Japan and robots but more condensed and stimulating. Definitely a must see!

  • Travis Travis

    As crazy and unexpected as you would think.

    If you are looking for 90 minutes of craziness, this is the place for you. Do not regret purchasing the tickets at all and would take people again.

  • Daryl Daryl

    Worth the money!

    Great and unusual experience at the robot restaurant. Reservation went smoothly, I missed my reservation and I was allowed to change to the next time. Food was mediocre but the main attraction is the show which was great. Highly recommended!

  • Kelsi Kelsi

    There are better things to do in Tokyo

    I will start my review with the good: the preformers are great. The sets are cool, some of the acts are very cheesy but still very fun. Be prepared to see the strangest thing - it's literally like a bad anime comes to life in some sets. The Michael Jackson act was fantastic and they should make more acts similar to that one instead of the bizarre anime battles. The costumes were great, very colorful, and the performers are very good at what they do. It is pretty cool to see such large animatronics moving on what it appears to be their own. The drumming, the dancing, the music, it was all very fun.

    A quick note everyone should of know: if you are relying on the subway, don't go to the 9 PM show because you may miss the last train to wherever you're staying. We had to run through both train stations to make the last train. This did not at all affect this review but I wanted to let other travelers know just in case.

    The bad: the food is terrible - don't waste your money. The area has tons of great dinner places so you will not be without. Golden Gai is just a 5 minute walk away, so go get drunk there if you must because the experience in Golden Gai is fantastic with all the little bars, or go after if you can. The drinks are not cheap at this place and you will get a better drinking experience and drinks in Golden Gai.

    The show is advertised as an hour and a half. Part of this hour and a half is spent in a waiting room lounge that doesn't have enough seating for everyone to thoroughly enjoy the piano lounge act. Then you shuffle downstairs through advertisements and get to the main act which is tiny and cramped. Still okay, really, it's Tokyo and none of the buildings are big. The first act lasted about 15-20 minutes, and after that there is constant breaks to sell alcohol, food and souvenirs every 7 min, which last just as long as each of the remaining acts. I assume the real reason they do this because you can't leave your seat at all during the performance. But this really ruins the show for me. I was okay with bizarre and fun, but it becomes hokey and starts to feel like a scam when it becomes an obvious money grab with little show.

    Lastly, a note to visitors: please remember you are a guest in this country. Please be on good behavior and properly represent your country. I was very disappointed watching how people treated some of the staff members and their overall ignorance or lack of respect. Japan is a culture of honor, respect and kindness, and they deserve to have visitors who will honor that. Japan has not always been open to visitors and many think that foreigners are rude. Please work to dispell that belief by being respectful rather than acting like wild children who do not have adult supervision for the first time.

  • Nur Nur

    this is awesome, and with 23% it is extra awesome!

    this is awesome, and with 23% it is extra awesome!
    true to what people say, it is a VERY cheesy touristy show, BUT we are tourists, attended this we did!

  • Sandie Sandie

    Robot Restaurant

    Walked into waiting area and it was quite the elaborate room. Lots of light, gold embellished room and shell designed push seats. We had a drink. Do Not Order Chardonnay. It was horrible. Watered down, no substance. Anyway, after that, we were escorted into show area. It stared with girls in skantily clad outfits dancing and singing. The guys were playing guitars and drums. There were several skits throughout the evening. Lots of acting, props, costumes, booms, sparks and lasers. It was a little cheesy, but fun cheese. Finally the dancing robots came out and it was pretty incredible. It's Japan on Steroids. We recommend going to this show. It's worth the experience. The Chin Family- Los Angeles, Ca.

  • Luis Luis


    Robot Restaurant is definitely worth watching and Voyagin made it easier and cheaper to experience:

  • Elly Elly

    An experience

    I took my three children and it was certainly an experience! I still can't figure out if it was a good experience or not.... a bit weird and made no sense. Was a bit chaotic but with all this in mind I would recommend you see it at least to say you have. Extremely loud to where they were handing out headphones. And they rush you out at the end. Make sure you haven't left anything at your seats like us because they don't let you back in to grab it much to my 6 year old daughters dismay. So many flashing lights -Do Not watch if you have Epilepsy- !!!!!!!!! Once you are in your seats there is no getting out they barricade you in for the show.

  • Kurtis Kurtis

    3rd time and still worth it

    Love this show. I go see it every time I'm in Japan.
    And it's always mind blowing

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