Be a Ninja: Learn Three Basic Techniques

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  • Hands-on experience of ninja weapons
  • Get dressed as one of us.
  • Real time interpretation

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Kikai Shinko Kaikan Building, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Important Information

The art of ninjutsu is more than learning the physical skills of the martial arts. It is also about finding your inner-self through physical conditioning, meditation, and discipline. With the practice of meditation, one develops key elements of increased awareness and detachment while increasing his/her sense of inner peace.

It is through meditation that ninjas learn how to reach the "Ku" (no-self, void), and to control the energy called "Ki" which is the essential life force existing in all things in the universe.

In meditation a ninja seeks to get to the "Ku no kyochi" (state of no-self) by integrating his/her body and mind. This state of mind gives a ninja the power to block out everything except the task at hand by using a sense of extreme calm and enhanced concentration.

Kujikiri is a series of nine symbolic hand gestures. It invokes the spiritual and mental strength. The hand signs are believed to be able to channel energy. The hand signs were taken from the practices of the early buddhists. They are used to build confidence and strength in the practitioner. They are also believed to enhance one’s senses of danger and enable one to foresee death.

What you need to bring

A dark T-shirt

Meet your host :
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My name is Shibata Vanessa. I'm the head of a ninja-samurai clan named Musashi Ichizoku. If you study a bit of the Japanese history, you'll come across a name "Shibata Katsuie" , my ancestor who fought the Battle of Shizugatake in 1583.

Our ancestors worked for Tokugawa Shogunate Government for 265 years, and we have kept our traditions to this date.
I started a ninja tour to offer international visitors, especially families, a chance to see something authentic and interesting at the same time, in addition to introducing our legacy to the general public in Japan and to giving my young shinobi friends some chances to share their arts and thoughts.
My dojo (training place) is located near a JR station.
At our dojo in Tokyo, you'll see nimpo taijutsu based on my samurai-ninja weapon-smith family legacy of 420 years. We'll show you the very basics skills of a ninja, which are perhaps enough for the general public who want to get a glimpse of our legacy. Coming here, you will find that there are still shinobis in the world today.
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Reviews (8)

  • Kate Kate

    Great experience!

    My 7y.o. is into all things ninja, so instead of going to Disneyland we have decided to do a Ninja Course and i am so glad we made that choice! It was truly incredible to learn the history and traditions of the host's family that they try to share with the world.
    I wasn't surprised to hear that my son enjoyed it, but even my husband, who is not into martial arts or things like that was impressed and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and got really inspired by the "Ninja philosophy".
    We will definitely do it again next time we in Tokyo. Highly recommended!

  • Sruti Sruti

    They were Ninjas for a day!!

    Awesome, delightful and inspiring! Vanessa's explanations were very comprehensive. Your kids would want to be here every day!

  • Maita Maita

    This is the first thing we did in Tokyo and the kids (ages 8 & 9) couldn't stop talking about it! They even wanted to come back the next day. Days later, after going to Legoland and DisneySea, I asked my kids again which activity was their favorite. Hands down, it was the Ninja session for them! There was much to learn, even for adults.

  • Horace Horace

    My two boys (13 and 10 year olds) participated in this lesson recently. They had a fabulous time! My boys do not understand Japanese so there was an interpreter there who helped them understand everything that was going on. Everyone was dressed in Ninja attire, including my boys, which made them really feel as if they were immersed in the world of Ninjas. First, the master showcased his sword skill. Then his teenaged son, who had been training since he was 3 years old impressed us with his skills. After that my boys were introduced to different Ninja skills and allowed to practice them, including throwing Ninja stars and nails and blowing poison darts. They were also shown various other Ninja weapons. The session was very educational and cleared up some misconceptions that people have about the Ninja world. We were very pleased to hear from the master that the skills of a Ninja are not necessarily just a way to fight well, but also allows a person to find focus, which is helpful in one's daily life. He said that with focus, one can achieve anything he/she wants. The master also emphasized that the main role of a Ninja is to have a pure heart and strive to help those around him. What great lessons for my boys that the skills mastered by a Ninja are relevant today as they were in feudal Japan. We would highly recommend this attraction for people, young and old, to learn more about the sometimes mysterious world of the Ninja!

  • Malcolm Malcolm


    What a great insight into ninjutsu, very traditional and authentic. Our instructor was fantastic and patient and extremely experienced, the translator was the best translator I have heard. We will remember this forever and practice the skills we were taught.

  • Susan Susan

    The Best Experience for Kids in Tokyo

    Vanessa and the amazing young man who gave the instruction were both warm, engaging, knowledgable and encapsulated that inner steadiness and peace that were at the heart of their teaching. My children, Charlotte (12) and Alex(10) were thoroughly immersed in the letter and loved every second of it.It was fascinating to hear the history and the patience and kindness in which both administered instruction and encouraged the children made all the difference to their confidence. We chose this over somewhere like Disneyland and we were so thankful we did. It is also right opposite the Tokyo tower, so you can get a great view of the city before or after the session.

  • Sarah Sarah

    My 12 year old son had a fantastic time learning Ninja techniques. It was an enjoyable and informative morning. The trainer and the host (who also translated) were both very professional. The only problem is now I have to be on my guard at home in case he jumps out on me!

  • Celia Celia

    This was no doubt the highlight of our trip to Japan. Our three teenagers really enjoyed it, and all the information was just as interesting to the adults. The ninja master was excellent and our interpreter was amazing! I hope their family continues this wonderful tradition.