Be a Ninja: Learn Five Basic Techniques

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Find your inner ninja with this hands on experience. Learn 5 basic ninja techniques by a real professional in a ninja stable in Tokyo!

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  • This hands-on experience will teach you the basics of ninja meditation and five basic techniques!
  • Wear Ninja outfits and get into the role if a Ninja in Tokyo
  • You will learn the heart of being a ninja and the tradition.

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Kikai Shinko Kaikan Building, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Important Information

The art of ninjutsu is more than learning the physical skills of the martial arts. It is also about finding your inner-self through physical conditioning, meditation, and discipline. With the practice of meditation, one develops key elements of increased awareness and detachment while increasing his/her sense of inner peace.

It is through meditation that ninjas learn how to reach the "Ku" (no-self, void), and to control the energy called "Ki" which is the essential life force existing in all things in the universe.

In meditation a ninja seeks to get to the "Ku no kyochi" (state of no-self) by integrating his/her body and mind. This state of mind gives a ninja the power to block out everything except the task at hand by using a sense of extreme calm and enhanced concentration.

Kujikiri is a series of nine symbolic hand gestures. It invokes the spiritual and mental strength. The hand signs are believed to be able to channel energy. The hand signs were taken from the practices of the early buddhists. They are used to build confidence and strength in the practitioner. They are also believed to enhance one’s senses of danger and enable one to foresee death.

What you need to bring

A dark T-shirt

Meet your host :
  • 日本語 (Fluent)
  • English (Fluent)

My name is Shibata Vanessa. I'm the head of a ninja-samurai clan named Musashi Ichizoku. If you study a bit of the Japanese history, you'll come across a name "Shibata Katsuie" , my ancestor who fought the Battle of Shizugatake in 1583.

Our ancestors worked for Tokugawa Shogunate Government for 265 years, and we have kept our traditions to this date.
I started a ninja tour to offer international visitors, especially families, a chance to see something authentic and interesting at the same time, in addition to introducing our legacy to the general public in Japan and to giving my young shinobi friends some chances to share their arts and thoughts.
My dojo (training place) is located near a JR station.
At our dojo in Tokyo, you'll see nimpo taijutsu based on my samurai-ninja weapon-smith family legacy of 420 years. We'll show you the very basics skills of a ninja, which are perhaps enough for the general public who want to get a glimpse of our legacy. Coming here, you will find that there are still shinobis in the world today.
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Reviews (88)

  • Vicente Vicente


    My Gosh this such an Unforgettable Experience!

  • Greg Greg

    Fantastic Experience

    My son and I visited and were blown away with the experience.

    We got an understanding of the Ninja history and culture.

    Well worth the visit, thanks

  • Vincent Vincent

    Dive into the secret world of Japanese martial arts!

    To sum it all up, you're learning directly from masters of the art with a long lineage and history in Ninjas and Samurais.

    This is one of the most unique and authentic experiences you can get in Japan. Unlike places elsewhere where you experience ninjas from actors, this is the real deal, as real as it can be. From the actual techniques to the reasons behind them, coupled with the history of it all. The host Vanessa had made it such an experience for my wife and I from the moment we stepped into the dojo. And we needn't worry about any language barrier as Vanessa's command of English is very good.

    I won't reveal too much, you've got to experience it yourself :)

  • Erin Erin

    Hands-down one of my and my husband's favorite experiences in three years of living in Japan.

    This was honestly one of THE COOLEST things we've ever experienced.

    The history of the family itself blew us away, and it is such a privilege to have spent time with real life members of a family maintaining, preserving, and sharing the art and tradition. We were entranced by the array of weapons, tools, and knowledge of herbs, and of how ninja were completely different than samurai. As Vanessa (the current head of the clan and our host) translated the words of the instructor (her son, I think?), I so enjoyed her deadpan seriousness mixed with playfulness. She is the scariest and most intimidating of all!

    The five techniques have a philosophy that goes with each one of them, and I couldn't help but think how applicable the philosophies were to mundane, non-ninja life too. That is, in the time I had to think while I was trying to sneak around, block sword attacks, throw shuriken, and successfully blow a dart at my target! My husband made a much better ninja than I did, but luckily Vanessa said there are only three ranks of ninja: beginner, good enough, and not good enough! We're still beginners, so I get a pass ;)

    Both my husband and I had a complete blast, and he couldn't stop smiling for hours afterward because he got to fulfill a childhood dream.
    I think it was Vanessa's husband who was in the room also? He was gracious enough to take my husband's cell phone and take all sorts of pictures (100+!) of us in our garb at each stage of training. You won't be lacking for cool Facebook photos to make your friends jealous with! ...oops! Ninjas aren't supposed to have egos :P

    DO NOT pass over this opportunity. YOU HAVE TO EXPERIENCE THIS FOR YOURSELF.

  • Quyen Quyen


    My husband and I LOVED this experience and the sensei master and her grandson even more. The sensei has a rich history. Her family's pride and hundreds of years of Japanese history are layered throughout the lesson. I highly recommend the experience for an authentic look into Samarai and Japanese life.

  • Muath Muath

    Fantastic class if you love Ninja

    You can achieve your Ninja dream here

    they are very good people, they will teach you the basics skills to be Ninja,
    I really recommend this place to learn about Ninja life and history

    Thank you so much masters

  • Zainul Zainul

    The most memorable experience in Tokyo

    This is a 5 star experience for those who are looking to learn the history about Ninja. I was also given a basic training on ninja moves that I've been practicing everyday. The master and Vanessa were very helpful and friendly. A must do activity in Tokyo no doubt!

  • Clare Clare

    Highlight of my sons holiday!

    This was definitely the highlight of our trip to Japan for my 6 year old son, "better then Disneyland and Skiing" he keeps saying.
    The instructors were awesome and easy to understand in English.
    Rinshu met us at the station in his Ninja attire and was full of wonderful information he also made us Origami Ninja stars which now go under my sons pillow every night!
    I highly recommend going

  • Colleen Colleen

    Unique & Memorable Experience

    Vanessa met us at the Tabata Station, which was easy to get to using the JR Yamanote Line and she brought us to her Dojo (training studio). She explained the history of her ancestors on our short walk to the Dojo. Upon arriving, it was a bit intimidating at first as the Dojo was dark and we were greeted by our instructor as we arrived. We began with meditation, followed by a demonstration from our teacher. As the instructor spoke Vanessa translated everything in English. After the demonstration we put on our ninja gear and began our lessons. Our children, ages 5 and 9, and my husband and I have never had any karate training and had a blast learning to use ninja starts and a blow gun. There was plenty of laughter and cheering during the class portion, that made everyone feel safe and the initial intimidation was over and we all had a wonderful time. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience and we are so glad we did it! Not to be missed! (Family from Chicago, IL)

  • Mads Mads

    Authentic great experience

    In general a great experience
    After being picked up at the station during a short walk to the authentic dojo. We we told the family story about the Ninja history.
    Apon arrival to the dojo a masked ninja waited. There were a ceremony in almost darkness, and a "show" where the ninja showed some of his skills.
    We changed clothes to "gi at were introduced to several ninja weapons.
    Her after we learned to use some technics and weapons.
    We recommend the this were authentic experience to people like us. Who wanted to try and feel the ninja culture.
    -Belmina and Mads (Denmark)