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Akihabara is where you will find anything from vintage electronics, latest video games, favorite anime or manga figurines. Prepare yourself to be transported into the ultimate world of geek culture!

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  • You will visit a Maid Café if you want.
  • You will visit an armory store that carry models of weapons such as Japanese swords.

  • You will visit a “Rabbit Café” (There are maids and rabbits in this café) if you want.
  • You will visit a “Manndarake" - まんだらけ- A store where you buy anything from Anime, manga, costumes, to antique goods)

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Meet up in Akihabara area. More details will be available depending on date and time of booking.

Important Information

If you'd like to visit a maid cafe or rabbit cafe, please pay the entrance fee for yourself and the host as well.

Maid cafe entrance fee (1 hour) : 1000 JPY
Rabbit Café entrance fee (1 hour) : 1300 JPY

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Hi! I'm like Curious George person. It means, I'm interested in everything in Tokyo! Especially, I love the subcultural phenomenon around Tokyo and their related place such as Shinjyuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Akihabara, Yanesen area, and Shimokitazawa. Do you have a place where you want to go but don't know how to get there? Do you hesitate to go to the Maid Cafe alone? Do you want to get rock-solid music shower or club cruising? Do you just hanging around and munch some local gourmet or pass through the gate of a sophisticated Tokyo gastronomy? Leave it to me! I will offer them to you (^_^)/
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Reviews (37)

  • Brian Brian

    Shopping with a friend!

    Although I didn't got exactly what I had on my list deu to high demand I did manage to buy some games wich aren't released in my own country yet,I also got some useful information for my next Japan trip

  • Alex Alex


    Essentially this is a shopping tour, but Gamme is such a sincere and lovely person that she'll bespoke the tour for whomever she meets. If you're interested in history or geography of Akihabara then this isn't really the right kind of tour. You won't be disappointed, but it just won't satisfy that kind of intent. Nevertheless we had a great time and would recommend it for anyone that wants to find their inner geek!

  • Emma Emma

    Great insight into a very niche culture

    Gamme knew her stuff! She took us to many places in Akhibara we would have never found on our own. Gamme has very friendly and we were instantly comfortable in her presence. A great guide who will go out of her way to accommodate your needs. Hope you onus the chipmunk, Gamme!

  • Brendon Brendon

    A wonderful host!

    Gamme was truly a wonderful host who showed us all the delights of Akihabara as well as some interesting history! Thank you Gamme!! :-)

  • Sophie Sophie


    Game took us around for Ramen, dango and showed me some very unique places. She was super helpful and amazing and accepted me even though I had the tendency to wonder off and explore (Sorry Game!)
    I highly recommend this tour for anyone if they want to explore Akihabara or any of the sort. She was very helpful and amazing and when I do come back to Japan I want to show her to show me around again!

  • Iain Iain

    Truly happy

    Gamme was so fun the hang around with she is the perfect host would recommend to everyone. So fun more like a friend ^_^

  • KelVin KelVin

    A nice and comprehensive tour indeed !

    I met up with Gamme-san just on time at the meeting location, which was also the starting point of the tour into Akiba. Was introduced to the many shops and buildings around Akihabara. I definitely recommend this introductory tour of Akihabara to anyone who wants to know what this area can offer ;-)

  • Wesmond Wesmond

    Our tour with Gamme was awesome! We went to so many stores and found many of the figurines we were looking for. She taught us how to order figures from the stores with glass boxes and learned about the history of Electric City.

    She even helped us translate so that we could buy shoes and shirts from Aoki's!

  • Miki Miki

    I would strongly suggest booking this tour with Gamme when visiting Akihabara. Gamme is very attentive and truly wants you to have the Akihabara experience you envisioned. We were a party of 4 two women and two teenage boys. We also had a shopping list and ideas of what we wanted to do. Gamme suggested a game plan which covered everything plus more. We were in Akihabara 3 days, scheduling our tour with Gamme on day one. This enabled us to get a very good feel of the town, and revisit places on our own . Gamme showed us Akihabara with lots of fun, and a little intrigue too. Going through back alleys, taking "secret " stair wells and magic elevators to speciality shops (computer, animation, gaming, collectables with the best prices, rabbit cafe ,and she also showed us the ropes on ordering ramen. Which btw, was delicious. I made a new friend with Gamme, and we hope to get together again.. both in Japan and here in the US. Gamme additionally helped us with an animation movie my sons wanted to see., providing all the info on where, how ,and times. Gamme made Akihabara a wonderful , happy and memorable experience. We will definitely see her again! Highly recommend!

  • sally sally

    Awesome. Thank you!