Hike in a town of Traditional Washi Paper & a Roller Slide!

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Visit a town called Little Kyoto, Ogawa-machi, to experience Japan!
Find a traditional hand-made paper studio, a sake liquor brewery,
a craft center to make handicrafts, a small mountain with a 203 m roller slide, a soba noodle restaurant!

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  • You can experience Japanese culture by visiting a Traditional Hand-made Paper Studio, a Sake Liquor Brewery, a Craft Center and so on.
  • You can experience Japanese country life by walking around in a small rural town.
  • You can experience Japanese history by seeing traditional residences, temples and handicrafts.
  • You can experience Japanese nature with a guide who is knowledgeable about nature, wild animals & plants.
  • You can have fun by sliding on a 203 m long Roller Slide!

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At Ikebukuro Station 9:50 am.
(in front of "South Gate" of Tobu Tojo Line.)

Important Information

# The charge does not include transportation, admission, meal and such expenses.
# The transportation fee is totally about 1620 JPY from Ikebukuro station.
# The charge to play roller slide at Sengen-yama is 300 JPY.
# The admission fee to enter Saitama Craft Center is 300 JPY.
# If you make some handicraft at the Craft Center, it will charge you about 1000 JPY additionally. And if you send your work, it will charge you a postage additionally.
# If you make Washi paper at the Craft Center, you cannot bring your work right away, because the paper has to be dried to complete for about 1 week.
# We have free time for lunch about 1 hour at Michi-no-Eki Ogawa-machi. There you can have lunch about 500-1000 JPY.
# Trekking shoes are not the must.
# All the guidance is in English or Japanese, but the guide can speak Thai and Spanish a little bit.
# Even if it will rain, we can do the tour by changing the plan.
# There are many public lavatories on the way.
# This is a hiking tour to climb a mountain, so even though it is only a small mountain to climb only about 200-meters-higher, you are required to have basic strength.
# We don't go to dangerous place on this tour, but I recommend you to buy travel insurance in advance just in case.

What you need to bring

# suitable cloths & shoes to hike mountain
# rain coat
# drink
# glove (if you can bring )
# insect repellent (if you need )
# sun screen (if you need )

Meet your host :
  • 日本語 (Fluent)
  • English (Fluent)
  • ไทย (Intermediate)
  • Español (Beginner)

Hello, everyone! (^o^)/
My name is Eiji.
I do nature tour guide at mountainous area in every Summer to give nature experiences and explain animals, plants, geography, climate and so on.
Of course, I got a leader qualification of outdoor activity, and have studied environment, ecosystem, agriculture, forestry and so on at university.
Not only job, but I often do outdoor activities in nature such as trekking and camping while I'm living in Tokyo.
So I'm knowledgeable about Japanese nature.

Here I offer my own planning tours with activities in nature, because I want you to experience Japanese rich nature.

Japanese nature is very rich in the world.
67% of the land is covered with forest.
In addition, more than 90 thousand species of animal and plant live in Japan with huge variety,
and also there are many local original species such as Japanese monkey, Japanese serow, Japanese raccoon dog.

It is believed traditionally that god lives in each outstanding mountain in Japan.
Shrines are built in the area of those mountains, and the land of those mountains has been protected from destruction and development.
This is one of the reasons why Japanese nature is so rich.
You can see plenty of animals and plants when you walk in mountain.

Although Mt.Fuji is very famous to foreign people, there are many other good places to experience the nature.
I would like you to touch the Japanese rich nature very much!

Here this Voyagin site, I offer you only easy hiking 1 day tours from the Central Tokyo, because I want everybody to take part in easily.
They include not only climbing mountain but also visiting enjoyable spots.
If you have basic strength and active mind, why not join my hiking tours?
With a good knowledge of safety management I will guide you safely to experience the wonderful Japanese nature!

Come on and enjoy travel with me,
and a Little Monkey! (^o^)b

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