Explore the historical cities, Kyoto and Nara in 1 day!

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Transportation & admission fees will cost around 3500JPY per person in total.

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Hi, we are the Voyagin professional guide team.
We are dedicated to providing you with insights into Japanese culture, and showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of this country.
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Reviews (7)

  • Andrew Andrew

    Great time!

    Kazu was an awesome guide! We had such a good time visiting Nijo-jo, the Golden Pavilion, the Bamboo forest, and then onto Nara to see the deer and the amazing Giant Buddha statue. His English is superb, and he effortlessly dealt with us, with my 5 year old son and my very pregnant wife, and the weather incredibly hot and humid, he made us feel at ease the whole time. Great guide!

  • Lisa Lisa

    Awesome Walking tour of Kyoto and Nara with the lovely Akiko

    My mother and I booked this tour last minute, just a day before, and we were very lucky that Akiko was available to show us around Kyoto and her hometown Nara. She was very prompt and polite, and I feel that she had a good understanding of our needs for the tour. Though the were a few hiccups with public transport during the tour Akiko (being a local), was very quick to find alternative routes, and we ended up taking a couple of detours which just added to the experience:). We actually covered a lot of ground in a day, I think it would be a real struggle for most tourists to do the same amount of highlights in two cities without a tour.

    The highlight for me was Nara, it truly is a beautiful and unique place and to be shown around a local was pretty special. Akiko even recommended a few local delicacies to us to try, that did not go unappreciated lol. The strawberry mochis were phenomenal. Thanks Akiko!

  • Margaret Eunice Margaret Eunice

    Ancient castles in a whole new world - amazing!

    My family and I had no idea what to see in Kyoto and Nara. I left the itinerary under the care of our very accommodating tour guide, Mr. Koji. His knowledge about the sites truly awakened my imagination of how it was in the past. The tour was something new for me. I've never been to a real castle before. I had many discoveries in the Nijo-jo Castle and the Great Buddha in Nara.

  • Margaret Eunice Margaret Eunice

    The exploration to Kyoto and Nara was a different experience. Being able to visit ancient sites truly made me ponder on the thousands of lives who perfected the castle or temple we went to--- from the paintings to the carvings down to the floor. It made me want to travel back in time. Our guide, Mr. Koji shared a lot of his knowledge about the history of each place. Mapping out where to go and how to get there is very tedious. Thus, for tourists like us, having a guide like Mr. Koji is advisable, as the train system is complicated for us, since we don't speak Japanese and we are not familiar of the place at all.

  • Mauricio Mauricio

    This tour was great and our guide Akiko made it worth. There is a lot to see for that plan so consider to adjust and talk to your guide in order to enjoy most of it. Akiko was very good about it and we had a great time!

  • Thuan Thuan

    Niall was our tour guide for this tour and another and we had a great time. Rather than take public transport, we spent a little extra as he and voyagin offered us the option to travel in our own car for the day and was totally worth it. Public transport costs may have been about the same due to road tolls, but the time we saved was so much more important as there is so much to see. Niall drove us to the Golden Temple which literally is a temple covered in gold, and as it's autumn, this is something you can't pass up. The ground were as expected well maintained and Niall provided us some great views and angles to take our pics, he even took pics of my partner and I with our camera. As it was peak season, it was super busy, which dragged out the day a bit longer than we expected because of the line up to take pictures even. The next temple was epic in its sheer size. I may be wrong but I believe it was the silver temple. No matter, as Niall will offer you one or the other if you choose to have the car for the day. We had lunch in between at a local restaurant and off we went to Nara. It was quite a long drive, with tolls en route, but once we got there we were surrounded by sacred dear and about to approach the worlds largest buddha statue at this appropriately large temple. However as it was approaching dusk and night earlier the temple had closed, possibly our fault as I wanted to stop to have lunch. even though we didn't get to see that in nara, we took a relaxing stroll around the temple and everything looked so peaceful and different at night. really felt like time had stopped and reversed. when going to nara, be aware of the deer, males have had their antlers taken off, but they may chase you if you have a little bit of food in your bag and may nip you if you feed them too much. Also as expected, deer poo on the grounds around the temple. he drove us back to our place, we were fortunate that night as traffic wasn't so bad and throughout the day and even in the car, my partner and I learnt a great deal about Kyoto and he even mentioned some restaurants for us to check out. Thanks Niall!

  • Jonathan Jonathan

    Our host, Tomoko Yoshihara, was very friendly and informative, and we were able to complete the itinerary on time. Having a guide is very useful for quickly getting around Kyoto and Nara. This tour is perfect for those who want to see as much as possible in a day. You will have to be brisk in visiting each site (and even sprint a little to catch a train!) otherwise it will be impossible to finish the itinerary in the allotted time. This itinerary does not cover some other interesting sights in Kyoto in Nara, so I recommend staying at least another day to visit the other major sights not included in the itinerary.

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