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Experience Katana and Zen in a historical Samurai house in Kyoto. This is an excellent chance for visitors to try out a REAL Katana (Japanese sword) and Samurai culture. Through this course, you can learn and feel “Bushido” with Katana and Zen.

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  • Wield a real Katana (Japanese sword)
  • Zen practice (meditation) is included
  • You can learn Bushido (code of Samurai)
  • Place is an old Samurai house

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Hankyu Railway Omiya Station (the exact address will be provided when you book)

Important Information

Bookings are accepted for a minimum of 2 people.

What you need to bring

Comfortable clothes

Meet your host :
Kyoto Samurai Experience
  • 日本語 (Fluent)
  • English (Fluent)

Kyoto Samurai Experience is a perfect program for tourists to try out a real Katana and experience Samurai culture. Through this course, you can learn and feel “Bushido” with Katana and Zen practice.
The Katana you can try out is not a fake, but a real Katana you can cut a Goza mat.
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Reviews (70)

  • Stas Stas

    Great experience

    A little bit expensive, but interesting and fun - would recommend for sure

  • Warakan Warakan

    Dreams fulfilled!

    Growing up learning and watching cartoons about the samurai, this Samurai Experience is a dream come true. The instructor is highly knowledgable and attentive. All the crew are professional and kind. The class taking place at a real samurai house is a huge plus. Highly recommended!

  • Sonia Sonia

    Really interesting and worth it!

    I was on my own but will do again with my husband.
    I never thought that one day I would use a real sword, this exceeded my expectations, really interesting to be able to experience such knowledge and hands on !

  • Wendy Wendy

    Learn to use a real Samurai sword

    Really great experience. There was a translator so everything is explained in detail. You learn a bit about the way of the samurai, meditation and then practice using some wooden swords. After a while you use a real sharp one to cut down a bamboo mat. Makes you feel like you've really immersed yourself in the culture!

  • Alessandro Alessandro


    Amazing experience, beautiful house, training and using a real katana...definitively a must if you're in Kyoto and love samurai!!!

  • Maria Maria

    Best experience in Kyoto!

    Even reading everyone else's reviews I had no idea how amazing this experience would be until I was in the midst of it! Once you put on the robes (kimono?) you really start feeling it. With the katana practice and actual experience, I learned I had a strength and focus I hadn't quite realized before. That poor tatami mat... ;)

    There was only one other person in my class so we got lots of practice and attention. The master is an incredible practitioner, and an equally wonderful flute player. He's wise well beyond his years. His interpreter, Elle, is terrific, too. Learning about Samurai culture was fascinating, especially in the old Samurai house. The meditation was beautiful as well, even w the bowls on the head. I now know why they do it. :D It was a great way to "come down" after the high of the katana experience.

    Loved loved loved this, and highly recommend it to anyone!

    Tips: Wear good deodorant and maybe bring a change of clothes. They spray this great shirt-cool spray on your clothing before dressing you, and it's very helpful, but in warm weather you will sweat!

  • Nikolas Nikolas

    Nice Experience - a bit overpriced

    It was a nice experience but i still feel something was missing. It was fun to dress up in samurai kimono and use a real katana sword. Elle was very knowledgeable and the teacher was very kind and helpful .

  • Riccardo Riccardo

    Samurai experience 11sep17

    It was a wonderfull experience!

  • Yuriy Yuriy


    Informative and fun

  • Vanessa Vanessa

    What a unique experience!

    Had a great time here! Such a different traditional experience, dressed in samurai attire, taking in the history of this beautiful samurai house, learning from the samurai himself how to use the katana correctly, admiring his amazing skills, actually using a katana ourselves and finishing off with some meditation. Don't know where else you would get the chance to appreciate and experience traditional samurai culture