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Experience Katana and Zen in a historical Samurai house in Kyoto. This is a perfect program for tourists to try out a REAL Katana and experience Samurai culture. Through this course, you can learn and feel “Bushido” with Katana and Zen practice.

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  • Wield a real Katana (Japanese sword)
  • Zen practice (meditation) is included
  • You can learn Bushido (code of Samurai)
  • Place is an old Samurai house

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Hankyu Railway Omiya Station (the exact address will be provided when you book)

Important Information

Bookings are accepted for a minimum of 2 people.

What you need to bring

Comfortable clothes

Meet your host :
Kyoto Samurai Experience
  • 日本語 (Fluent)
  • English (Fluent)

Kyoto Samurai Experience is a perfect program for tourists to try out a real Katana and experience Samurai culture. Through this course, you can learn and feel “Bushido” with Katana and Zen practice.
The Katana you can try out is not a fake, but a real Katana you can cut a Goza mat.
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Reviews (10)

  • Olivier Olivier

    Awesome experience !

    It was a fantastic hour spent with master Masato Tabata and his translator. Explanation of the Bushido warrior code, masterful katana demonstration, practice of the sword, meditation and then bamboo flute, it was an amazing experience, highly recommended !

  • Mathieu Mathieu

    An unforgivable experience

    This experience was a dream come true for me, I always wanted to know how to use a katana and what should have ask more than to learn this art from a famous master in Japan.
    I highly recommend this experience and honestly if I come back to Kyoto I will do it again.
    It was an unforgivable experience!!

  • Shaun Shaun

    Authentic Samurai Experience!!!

    If you love Samurai, this will easily be the highlight of your trip! Not only do you have the opportunity to see a grand champion in action, he will instruct you on how to use a real sword personally! Both the instructor and interpreter were very gracious. I was also very excited and happy that they accepted our request even on New Years Day!

    I would say more, but I think it is better if you try it for yourself. If you're in Kyoto, even for just a day, don't miss this!

  • Jessica Jessica

    A fantastic experience!

    We had a great time at Kyoto Samurai Experience. The hosts were lovely and informative about bushido and the history of the samurai, swords and the building. And handling a real sword was really fun!

  • Hooman Hooman

    Don't miss!

    I heard about this experience after dining at the Samurai Restaurant (which was great by the way). The experience starts with a tour of the building and an explanation of the art and history behind it. The master then demonstrates the use of the Katana - I was in awe of the grace, respect and ceremony involved. After making short work of a bamboo mat it's our turn to practice. I found this part a lot of fun. Got some great pics and video as well. Next we used a meditation bowl and practices the Zen portion of being a Samurai. Finally the master played a sort of bamboo flute. All in all a great, authentic and fun worthwhile experience!

  • Ryan Ryan

    Great experience and definitely a highlight of my trip!

    Very well-organized, informative, and unique experience that I would recommend to anyone looking for an authentic taste of Japanese culture.

  • George George

    Incredible experience for Samurai fans!

    The location is an old Samurai mansion which really sets the tone. We also donned kimonos which gave us some great picture opportunities. The bamboo cutting was a lot of fun and the meditation session was unique and relaxing. Highly recommended!

  • Clair Clair

    Great way to experience historical Japanese culture

    Fantastic experience - the house is brilliant (has a secret escape passageway) and the activities were great fun. Recommend highly

  • Michelle Michelle

    So much fun !

    This was hands down the best activity we did in Kyoto. The location is amazing ( an actual old samurai house) and our instructor was great ! Highly recommend this !

  • Gabriel Gabriel

    Awesome Samurai experience

    I highly recommend to test Kyoto Samurai Experience to get an authentic Japanese experience.

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