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Experience Katana and Zen in a historical Samurai house in Kyoto. This is an excellent chance for visitors to try out a REAL Katana (Japanese sword) and Samurai culture. Through this course, you can learn and feel “Bushido” with Katana and Zen.

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  • Wield a real Katana (Japanese sword)
  • Zen practice (meditation) is included
  • You can learn Bushido (code of Samurai)
  • Place is an old Samurai house

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Hankyu Railway Omiya Station (the exact address will be provided when you book)

Important Information

Bookings are accepted for a minimum of 2 people.

What you need to bring

Comfortable clothes

Meet your host :
Kyoto Samurai Experience
  • 日本語 (Fluent)
  • English (Fluent)

Kyoto Samurai Experience is a perfect program for tourists to try out a real Katana and experience Samurai culture. Through this course, you can learn and feel “Bushido” with Katana and Zen practice.
The Katana you can try out is not a fake, but a real Katana you can cut a Goza mat.
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Reviews (36)

  • Tim Tim

    True experience

    I was doubtful at first because the experience in Tokyo looked awful, more like a tourist trap.
    However, seeing the experience in Kyoto made me decide to go here, and it was one of my highlight this holiday.
    Small group lesson about samurai in general, history meditation and off course wielding a real katana!
    You get dressed up nicely, and the whole thing feels like it's being respectful to the Japanese cultural heritage.
    Thx for a good time!

  • Bruno Bruno

    Love it!

    We loved the experience one of the finest during our 2 week trip in Japan, its a great way to get deep in to understanding one of the uniqueness of this amazing culture I went with my two kids 10 and 12 and they loved it.

  • Sarah Sarah

    An amazing and unforgettable experience

    Brilliant from start to finish! I chose this experience because of its cultural setting and the meditation element included. The historical introduction of the house really set the scene and I very much enjoyed finding out about swordsmanship, and the philosophy of the Samurai. The sword lesson and costume was super exciting and cool! GoVoyagin's guide was also there to translate and take photos and videos. Meditating with the Tibetan bowls was a unique, uplifting and cleansing experience, and the Japanese flute performance created the perfect finale. This experience is a definite must during your visit to Kyoto!

  • Liza Liza

    Great cultural experience!

    This was one of my favorite experiences in Japan! I would recommend this experience to all going to Kyoto young or old! During my time with these wonderful natives I learned a lot about the Japanese culture, how to meditate and had an opportunity to observe a katana in action. This is a true chance to learn and have fun at the same time! I cannot express enough how happy I was with the experience and I will definitely go again!

  • Jeffrey Jeffrey

    Fantastic experience

    This is more than just handing you a katana and having you chop a goza mat.
    First the setting; this was an actual samurai's house where many of the original construction, wood work and artwork are still intact (I hope they keep it in the house rather than in a museum). Sitting in the room facing the inner courtyard, Tabata-san takes you through the several parts of the course:
    -. History of samurai culture and the house
    - Demonstration of exercises with the katana
    - In the courtyard (wearing the kimono) you start your training with wooden katana.
    - You learn how to handle an actual katana sword
    - Slicing through the goza mat (several times)..of course the anticipated fun part. They put a go-pro on the top of the mat to view actual video from the mat's pov.
    - Back in the room for practicing Zen meditation
    - Shakuhachi flute playied by Tabata-san, very moving and when looking onto the historical courtyard, very contemplative.
    I was in Japan for work and had a weekend in Kyoto and had been faschinated with the culture and was curious about this. The intent of this course is not to make you into a samurai in 2h, but rather to expose you to the different facets of a samura's life and culture. It is not a tourist gimmick , the other members of my class were Japanese (from Tokyo) and speaking to my Japanese colleages I found out that very few have actually even held a real katana. Tabata-san is expert in the arts in the way of the warrior and I sensed from the moment the course began to when we parted. I can truly recommend this activity when in Kyoto, for the setting, the teacher and the experience.

  • Paul Paul

    Best way to experience a 'slice' of traditional Japan

    I would highly recommend this experience for anyone who wants to see an intimate demonstration of the traditional Japanese art form at its most raw. Oh, and the sword welding was pretty fun too :)

  • Melissa Melissa

    A dream come true

    We were blown away by the hospitality of our host and our interpreter. The entire experience was authentic, friendly, awe-inspiring and so much fun! From touring the house, to understanding the history of the katana sword, to seeing an epic up-and-close live demonstration and finally trying to slice through the bamboo ourselves. Our hosts even set up a GoPro on our bamboo poles and shared really great shots and videos of our experience.

  • Julie Julie

    Awesome experience!

    Awesome samurai experience! We used an actual katana to cut a tatami mat said to be of the similar resistance to a person's shoulder! And to top it off, the experience was held at what was a samurai's home several generations ago. Still owned by the same family. Our hosts were very friendly and were happy to explain the traditions and answer any questions. The interpreter met us at the metro station which is a 5 minute walk from the house and spoke perfect English. thanks!

  • Chavanida Chavanida


    Great experience ever!

  • Olivier Olivier

    Awesome experience !

    It was a fantastic hour spent with master Masato Tabata and his translator. Explanation of the Bushido warrior code, masterful katana demonstration, practice of the sword, meditation and then bamboo flute, it was an amazing experience, highly recommended !