See Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant with your own eyes

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One-of-a-kind and completely safe tour that takes place in Iwaki city, Fukushima. 3/11 happened in Fukushima and going close to Daiichi is not allowed. But from the ocean we can watch the nuclear power plants with our eyes, 1.5 km away from the land.

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  • Experience this rare tour that you can't find anywhere else in the world
  • Enjoy the view from the only survived fishing boat from Tomioka town
  • Catch a fish in front of Daiichi and examine how contaminated it is.
  • Feel the emptiness of the evacuated zone where people used to live.
  • Heal your body in a hot spring after such an intense tour

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Ryogoku Station

Important Information

The tour gets influenced by the weather. In case of expected stormy weather we will decide whether to proceed with the tour one day before, 3:00 pm and inform you immediately.

We will have lifeguard vests on the boat for everybody. The boat owner is very much experienced, reliable, a second generation fisherman from Tomioka town.

The radiation on the boat is extremely low, probably lower than Tokyo or any other big cities in anywhere in the world, since water is the best shielding against radioactive materials.

On the land, as you carry around a geiger counter, you will see how the contamination has spread. Also everywhere is basically decontaminated at least once by the government.
Although you will see some variation, most likely the highest contamination you will see is in Tomioka town, which probably goes up to 3 or 4 micro sievert per hour. This means that if staying there 15 minutes, you will be exposed to 1 micro sievert. As a comparison, when flying in an airplane from New York to Tokyo, we get exposed to around 50 micro sieverts.

What you need to bring

Comfortable clothes. No high-heeled shoes or skirts.

Meet your host :
  • 日本語 (Fluent)
  • English (Intermediate)

Hi, this is Yuta Hirai from Tokyo, Japan.

I graduated from an art college, SVA, in NY the year of 2000, and came back to Japan the next year. Since then I have been working as a freelance journalist and often visited foreign countries such as Mexico, Cuba, Peru, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Thai and even North Korea.

But, 3.11 changed everything.

It gave me both a shock and this idea that the frontier of the world suddenly occurred only one and a half hour away from my house, in Fukushima.
I started going back and forth between Tokyo and Fukushima as much as possible, and finally, moved to live in Fukushima city since October, 2012.

I was a member of Fukushima's agricultural revival project with professors from Fukushima University, members from Fukushima JA and Co-op and local farmers.
And besides the project, I was the bureau chief when people outside of Fukushima or Japan came to inspect what the earthquake and nuclear disaster had done to Fukushima citizens and their everyday life.

The tour I offer to you is truly unique. I can provide something you can never see outside than Fukushima.
And maybe, that is what we want you to bring back to your country as a memory and talk about with your family or friends, figure out how not to let this kind of disaster happen again anywhere in the world.

Let's share a phenomenal experience!
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Reviews (5)


    Best tour ever

    Yuta our host is knowledgeable , intelligent, articulate. And very well aware of all the history and current and future issues regarding this most unusual ongoing situation. He provided us with safe passage to the most interesting and unusually fascinating spots of the fukushima situation. I have traveled extensively and often must try hard to find unusual activities of high value. This was certainly all of that. Should I find myself in Tokyo in the mid range future, I would not hesitate to do it again.
    Thank you Yuta for an amazing tour!!!!

  • mikaela mikaela

    Amazing experience

    Absolutely amazing way to see the fukushima area. Felt like we were guests to the area rather than tourists, much less invasive feeling. Our guide was amazing in making sure we saw all the kinds of places we wanted to see rather than just running through a check sheet. Definitely worth the money


    awesome experience

    Dear team voyagin and yuta
    I am writing the review on behalf of my family who shared their wonderful experience that they had with the excursion.It was adventurous and heart melting .the kind of hospitality they got from the tour operator is worth appreciation.thanks

  • Athanasios Athanasios

    Fascinating to see the power plant, devastation, attempted recovery, and new building all in one.

    It is just a remarkable trip to witness. Natural disasters unfortunately occur, but to grasp the scope of an earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster at the same time, it is unfathomable. It helps to have an experienced guide to show and tell about the different areas. The places that are off limits, the places where people are allowed, to return, but haven't, and the new building, especially on the roadways and railroad, it is something to hear the guide say 'that wasn't there last time'. It marks the attempt at recovery. To see so many homes and businesses abandoned, still as they were on 3/11, just makes you think. And to see the power plant, the street signs that lead to it, and the radiation level signs, it is surreal. Take the tour with respect, learn a lot and appreciate what happened. It is an experience I will never forget.

  • Andreas Andreas

    Fukushima Tour

    This tour was fantastic and very much thanks to the very knowledgable guide Yuta that had so much information about the accident, the area and also about the politics in the aftermath. It was very interesting, and scary, to see and learn about accident while being on site.