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Address of Moricoro Park:
Aichi Prefecture Nagakute Ibaragabasama 1533-1
Post code 480-1342

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Tickets sell out quickly, so please get in touch with us as early as possible.

This is a ticket service only.

About availability:
Everyday except Mondays. If the Monday falls on a holiday, the following Tuesday is also closed.
Closed from December 29 to January 1 for New Year holidays.
Closed from January 10 to February 28, 2017 for renewal renovation

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Reviews (16)

  • Przemek Przemek

    Great customer service

    Fantastic experience, although the rain was pouring heavily and we were a bit late, we could still enjoy the interior of the house. The staff at the attraction was extra helpful, showing us little details, encouraging to touch everything. We have ordered our tickets with hotel delivery, received them at check-in with clear instructions.

  • Jorika Jorika

    A truly wonderful experience from collecting the tickets to the actual visit

    We had ordered the tickets for the Satsuki and May House in advance to be sure that we will get in. It was a big part of our travel to Japan, especially for the youngest traveller. The tickets were to be collected in the Office in Shibuya. We received a very detailed description to find the office (including photographs). The staff at the office could not have been more friendly, it must be a great place to work.
    With the tickets to the tour we received another letter with directions on how to get to the park.
    The Satsuki and May house was exactly what we expected. The staff at the location were so helpful and had so much fun at their jobs, their went out of their way to show us around and take photos of us. The whole family enjoyed their visit. Thank you for making this an unforgettable experience.
    Highly recommended <3

  • Amelia Amelia

    Like walking into another dimension...!

    I was so unbelievably excited about this tour, I have to tell you that right away, and when I saw the house it was like I'd slipped into an alternate dimension where Kusakabe Family were real people! For my husband's sake, I held it together and didn't bawl my eyes out when we found Mei's blue raincoat or went through Satsuki's backpack or found the dad's outfit (I quietly screamed "it's his sweater vest!").

    The negatives? The whole thing feels kind of rushed, you only get thirty minutes to explore the house. Because of this, it feels like an intense Easter egg hunt where you're obsessively opening every cabinet and every drawer to see all of the secrets and goodies within. I never felt like I got to be in the moment because I was reminded that we were almost out of time. The other wasn't the caretakers' faults, but it was raining so I couldn't get a lot of exterior shots because I was huddled under my umbrella.

    Would I recommend? Heck yes, just be aware of your time and remember to enjoy yourself!

  • Arnaldo Arnaldo

    Really unique

    It is really magic for children. My kids love it.
    We reached Nagoya just for this house but it will last in their memories so it worthed.
    Only problem no photo allowed in the house

  • Michelle Michelle

    Loved it wish there was more time

    I loved it! I'm a huge totoro fan and the attention to detail was crazy. The tickets were waiting at my hotel when I arrived-- complete with instructions on how to get there :) the linmo line doesn't show up on hyperdia so it was nice to have that tidbit of information-- when we got there we couldn't find the shuttle bus and everything was in Japanese so we walked the 20 minutes to the house :) you can walk to a tower area that overlooks the house (for free) the tour itself was great! They split the groups into group A and B, one group goes in the house, the other explores outside-- you get 15 minutes inside and 15 min outside-- it was a wonderful experience but I felt with the amount of people in the tour there wasn't enough time to enjoy all the cute details-- I went outside, looked at the well, checked out the dads study from the outside, and took a photo by the bus stop sign.. And then it was over haha! I didn't even get a chance to explore the garden/pond area. I think if I were to go again-- I would just immediately by another ticket for the next tour since it's only 510 yen so I have more time to explore :) :) the ticket window is right where you check in. Have fun!!

  • Genevieve Genevieve

    Ai.Chikyuhakukinen Koen - Satsuki & May's House

    It was a wonderful experience and I believe will never forget this day. I was so excited when I found out that through voyaging we can get the tickets beforehand. True enough I have a very smooth and enjoyable journey to May's House.

  • Amy Amy

    Feels like going home

    I grew up loving my Neighbour the Totoro, and this house was one of my dream houses. The tour guide was very polite and seemed excited by our excitement. He spoke plenty of English which was very helpful. I was in heaven running around and finding all the little things from the movie. I found Mei's little red sandals, the window into the foundation where Mei first saw the little Totoro, the bucket with the holes in the bottom, Mei's little hat and purse (the staff encouraged me to try them on, obviously I was too big for them). There are no pictures inside which made me a little sad but I understand why, but you can take plenty of pics outside. The house is slightly changed per the month to reflect the house as the characters would live in it. It is quite a trek to get there though so just FYI if coming from Kyoto, plan like a 2 something hour train/bus ride. We gave ourselves 3 hours but with confusion on first getting in Moricoro Park (thanks random parking attendant guy for showing us the way) and we just made it on time. So allot extra time to avoid missing your timeslot. You only have like 30-45 minutes actually at the house so if you want to see it all, like me, you'll be snooping around rummaging through drawers like a crazy house invader, lol. You really do need to open cupboards and drawers to find the little easter eggs you remember from the movie. Absolutely necessary for a Totoro fangirl.

  • Conrado Conrado

    Must go for Totoro fans

    There is no way to buy tickets from overseas, and Voyagin came to our rescue! The tickets were waiting at our hotel.

    The house is a great destination for Totoro fans, and the surrounding park is very beautiful. While a little far from central Nagoya, it was well worth it!

  • Emily Emily

    When I heard about the Totoro House, I knew that I have to go because this was my childhood movie. I went to the official website and Google translated it in English just to find out that I have to have a Lawson account and physical member card in order to buy the tickets (or go inside a Lawson in Japan). At first I thought, "Looks like I'm not going there," ... And then later I was thinking, "Maybe I can buy from Voyagin?" And Voila! I booked from them, communicated with the staff through private messages, end up getting my tickets from my Hotel, and went to the Totoro House. Waaaah my childhood!!! I had a great time :) I knew I can count on Voyagin when getting these tickets. First with the Ghibli Museum and then with the Totoro House. Magical memories are magical :D

  •  Jason Jason

    Thank you very much for a superbly enjoyable and excellent time! We were travelling from Australia and had put aside a day of our itinerary to visit Satsuki and May's house, but with little Japanese we were struggling to find a way of securing tickets before we travelled to Japan. Not even our local travel agents or JTB were able to book on our behalf.

    With govoyagin, communication was smooth. and dependable, and our tickets were available at the nominated hotel as planned.

    Govayagin was a Godsend to help us enjoy a little, but long awaited dream from our child ( and adult) hood.

    Govayagin thank you- please spread the word!

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