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Please book at least 1 week in advance so that I can make arrangements with the head of Trunyan Village in anticipation of your arrival.

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Nice to meet you, my name is Made Sukana. My wife and I are passionate about tourism and Bali and we run educational tours to introduce travellers to Bali's fascinating culture. I was born in Songan village, the neighbouring village of the famous Trunyan village in Bali (some say it feels like walking onto the set of an Indiana Jones movie!) and I am very passionate about showing visitors a side of Bali they may not see on 'typical' tours. If you're looking to experience a different side of Bali, I am your man!
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Reviews (6)

  • Arie Arie

    Amazing Trunyan Village experience

    Instead of getting a shortcut with overrated motorboat that is noisy, less nature friendly, and benefiting only boat owners, Made and Apni took us to the real Trunyan Village, meet the people there and have them escorting us to the sacred cemetery in the most lovely manner. Not only we enjoy the immersion part but we feel that every penny spent worth so much more because we know it goes to the right people!
    We were also brought to a foundation for disabled people which is full of positiveness that makes us appreciate life even more.
    We had a bit of extra time and they kindly helped us steal some surfing time before dropping us at the Airport! Can't thank them more!

    Made and Apni are very humble and wiling to always improve their service. Best one!

  • darren darren

    ** Do not believe the negative reviews - they are very old!
    This is one of the BEST tours we have ever done**

    We were picked up by Made and Apni to begin our trek out to the Trunyan village and cemetery. As we drove along our guides shared their love of culture with us and helped us to understand the area we were heading into. They explained that the old and negative reviews about the boat ride were more than 5 years old ( they have had a road into Trunyan Village for 5 years now).
    - This is why it is so important to book a local guide as he (Made) understood the customs and the language of the Trunyan people.
    - It is important to note that you should only do the tour that drives you into the Trunyan Village as apposed to getting on a boat outside the Trunyan Village. So.. take my recommendation and ask for Made and Apni - truly terrific guides and now friends :)

    The tour to the cemetery was the most humbling experience we have ever had. We felt incredibly lucky that the Trunyan people would share their culture so deeply with us. We felt at peace in the cemetery ( with thanks again to Made and Apni for sharing their knowledge of the Trunyan culture and ceremonies with us, thankyou).

    The people in Trunyan Village were very welcoming, Made and Apni had arranged a local Trunyan man to meet us at the start of the road in. He guided us through the town showing us points of interest, (we even got to meet his daughter and her friends). he explained about the special visits from the surrounding towns and we even tried the local fish ( which was very good and we would definitely recommend everyone tries it).
    Our boat trip to the cemetery was beautiful, we were gently rowed over by two gentlemen from the trunyan village who welcomed us and made us feel very comfortable and safe. we did NOT at any time feel threatened nor uncomfortable.

    We have traveled many parts of Asia and done many wonderful tours but honestly this is one of the best.... Go and see for yourselves.

  • Leanne Leanne

    A truly wonderful experience.

    I have been travelling to Bali for 30 years, and can honestly say that my visit to Trunyan Viillage today with Made and his wife was the best tour I have been on. Their knowledge of Bali was endless, and the visit to the Trunyan Village and their local cemetery was something I would recommend to everyone. My daughter and I came away from the experience with an understanding of the local people that we had not anticipated.
    Leanne - Australia

  • Chapman Chapman

    One Of The Best Tours In Bali If Not The World! A Real Gem!

    Made and Apni are the best tour guides we've ever had the pleasure of meeting anywhere in the world. So good that they've even become friends for life. They are the most sincere, caring and genuine people you'll ever meet and they simply add so much more to the tour experience beyond what's normal. All this is driven by their strong passion to show the REAL Bali to foreigners.

    And if you're lucky, they are even willing and curious enough themselves to take you to places even they themselves have never been before, let alone tourists! From this, we feel so blessed and fortunate to have visited places no tourists have gone... Yet!

    Their knowledge of true Balinese culture, history and stories they share exceed any expectations you will ever have of any tour guide. They truly know their home and more... Heck, Apni has a degree in Animal Husbandry and I'm sure you will love her Fireflies tour too!

    Honestly, with Made and Apni, you get treated as one of their own and it leaves you with a holiday/trip/tour/experience to remember for a lifetime. Guaranteed.

    Once you witness their hospitality, sincerity and genuine desire to help you have an unforgettable holiday, you will never want to go with any other guides.`They are that wonderful.

    Go with them before they get busy soon!

  • Mitch Mitch

    Unique cultural experience

    When I was looking into this activity I saw many conflicting reviews. My experience was very positive. Made was invaluable as our guide and we did not experience many of the complaints I had read about. We paid the tour price up front so there were no issues with paying extra money or haggling for the boat ride. He was very knowledgeable about the customs and religious beliefs. It was very informative. The cemetery is small, and there are a large amount of "personal items" (some of it possibly trash) strewn about the site.

    These things aside, I found it to be a completely unique experience, and it really felt like i got a taste of the culture. With Made, I had a well informed tour, and did not have to worry about getting ripped off.

    It is a long drive to get there, but for me it was well worth it.

  • Bradley Bradley

    This was a great tour. Very informative and I feel I got to see a lot of the countryside and learnt a lot about the culture and different aspects of Bali life. As I was the only one on the tour I feel like I got to see a few more little things that I otherwise wouldn't have if it was with a large group.

    The cemetery was a truly surreal experience seeing the bodies exposed like that and learning about the customs was really very interesting.

    The school for disabled children was very humbling seeing how good their art was as well as having 2 of the kids play their drums for us was great (I work with a professional drummer and I think they'd be on par with him)

    Behind the school was one of the most beautiful rice fields I had seen on the entire trip. We were the only ones there aside from the people working there so had completely uninterrupted views. one of the workers climbed up and got fresh coconuts for each of us to drink.

    If you want to learn more about the country and see more than just the beach this is a great tour to do. It is also a nice relaxing tour with the canoe ride on the lake the mountain views. Although you do need to be reasonably steady on your feet to traverse through the rice fields I would recommend this to anybody.