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Spend a day out on the water exploring the amazing marine life at one of Bali's beautiful sister islands Nusa Lembongan. Go for a ride on an underwater scooter and 'drive' through the schools of fish!

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  • 15 minute underwater scooter ride - navigate your way through the colorful fish!
  • Play with the fish underwater while breathing through our special oxygen mask
  • Enjoy unlimited banana boat rides at our private beach area
  • Go canoeing at your leisure
  • Optional jet ski rides along the Lembongan and Ceningan island coastline

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Your hotel lobby

Important Information

There is no minimum age for underwater scooter, however we have a minimum height of 140cm for our guests to be able to ride the underwater scooter.

Min 10 passengers required on the trip before the fast boat will set sail to Ceningan Island (we usually have the minimum so no worries there)

What you need to bring

Sunblock, towel, hat, swimming costume, change of clothes.
Some extra money for additional activities and alcoholic drinks (jet ski, scuba diving, massage).

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Bali Underwater Scooter
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  • Bahasa Indonesia (Fluent)
  • 日本語 (Fluent)

Come try Bali Underwater Scooter, created to provide the scuba diving experience to virtually anyone - without any of the rigors required by the typical diving experience. No certification, no cumbersome attached gear and no experience required.

Sitting in your own breathing environment and traveling at speeds of up to 2 km/hour, you'll be able to experience new and exciting underwater vistas. With a basic operating depth of up to 20 m, riders have access to shallow reefs without requiring a weight belt or a back strapped tank. The controls operate like your typical motorbike: just turn the handlebars for direction and push the batons for speed and depth.
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Reviews (6)

  • RJ RJ

    I was mainly on this tour for the underwater scooters, little did I expect that the diving and canoeing would end up being the highlight of the trip. Crystal clear waters, the interesting statues on the ocean bed, and relaxing on the canoe while paddling past the friendly seaweed farmers & an abondoned semi-boat wreck. You get so much out from the price with so many activities included. Very much more worth it than paying for individual watersports!

  • charlie charlie

    Waste of money! Terrible tour. Avoid.

    This tour is terrible. I wouldn't recommend it, even if it was free. They pick you up at 7:30am don't feed you breakfast or snacks and instead you are taken on an hour long choppy nauseating boat ride to some underwhelming island. You then change in their dirty (politest term) facilities and attempt to squat on the urine soaked hole in the floor potties and after still no snacks it's out to do a lot of unmemorable overpriced activities. What the hell previous reviewers? are you all on painkillers? is this your very first vacay? I hope you love Chinese tourists because they jam pack this tour with them. It's mostly waiting around. the snorkeling isn't great if you've ever done it before it won't compare and they put you in these uncomfortable nets to do it and it's boring and lame. Then you go on the "scooter" which is basically a helmet dragged by some dude for tops 10 mins you see a few fish and it's all again very underwhelming. The banana boat is a thrill rid you would have at a toddlers bday party and lasts about two minutes and then it's off to the cold flavorless buffet lunch but eat as much as you can because it's all the food you will have until you get back around 5:30pm and believe me down those beers cos you've got another 2 hours of waiting for your boat to leave with the flies and the heat while the Chinese tourist go to some other island for tea time and then it's another hour long choppy boat ride back. I mean I dont know who I'm more pissed at the ppl who run this joke of a tour or the reviewers giving this more than 1star.

  • Ashleigh Ashleigh

    Incredible experience!

    The underwater scooter was the best thing I've ever done! I had never experienced anything like it. One minute we are in our world above the water, next minute we join this under water world which included beautiful tropical fish and scenery all while being able to breathe as normal! The only thing I could fault is that it didn't go for long enough. Lunch was yummy and snorkeling was beautiful. Having the fish eat from your hands was amazing!

  • Amanda Amanda

    I came on this experience looking to try this Underwater scooter, and while that was certainly a unique first-time experience for me, I found that the beach club and the snorkelling itself far surpassed my expectations and ended up being my favourite part of the day!

    I have been snorkelling in Thailand and daresay that the variety of fish at Nusa Ceningan is even more impressive than the ones I've seen on trips to Phuket. There were just so many types I was amazed! My compliments to the guide Lolo who saw that I wasn't necessarily headed in the right direction with my snorkel gear. He actually swam up to me and guided me to beautiful parts of the coral, pointing out little fish that I would have missed on my own! I won't say much about the underwater statues (you have to see them for yourself), but they were almost like something out of a movie!!

    After lunch, I also had a blast getting on the banana boat (unlimited rides are awesome!) and just canoeing around the beach. The water there is really clear and the area is quiet and very relaxing - just what I came to Bali to enjoy!! All in all, it was a beautiful and quiet bay to relax for the day and enjoy the activities.

  • Rayne Rayne

    ceningan island is beautiful! the boat ride to the island doesn't feel long at all either, as they have movies on board for you to watch on the way there. we started with riding the underwater scooters, they were a bit hard to get going at first and we were given a handful of bread to feed the fish with. they all come swimming straight to you, it's really fun to watch! especially with all the different species of fish. you ride over corals, wave out to other people on their scooters, and there's always a guide there directing you and helping you out. next we did the snorkelling and wow was that a site! the corals you snorkel over are so amazing and are home to even more species of fish. they have statues under water too like buddhas and bells for you to snorkel over and I am so lucky to have experienced this. the different kinds of fish and the colours, the corals, the star fish and the statues it was all real stunning. next was the semi dive, in which you also get food to feed the fish with. they all hang around you and even swim into the cage you're standing in. after all that we had a delicious buffet lunch that inclusive with the price and you're free to relax on the beach or play some beach volleyball and board games. after you've done relaxing, you're off to ride some canoes and banana boats as many times as you like! we had so much fun on ceningan island and didn't want to leave. the staff are all really kind and lovely.

  • Farah Farah

    My friends and I had a great great time in Ceningan Island. The activities that we could get with just one price is amazing. One of the highlights of the trip was the semi dive. We were able to get close with the fishes, moreover feed em. Not forgetting the snorkeling too! The statues that they had.. is just beautiful. :)

    Amboo/Ambung and his friend Wayan were very welcoming and friendly. Played beach volleyball with them during the free time!

    We really had a good time there, and is deffo worth it!