Take Part in a Spiritual Cleansing Ritual in Bali

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Please follow my instructions to remain respectful

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Some cash
Mineral water

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Wayan Juli
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My name is Wayan Juli. Actually, my full name is I Wayan Juliana. Wayan is a family name for the first child in Bali and Juliana is the name given by my parents because I was born on July. So, it's very easy for people to remember my name. Many thought that I was a female because of my name sounds a bit like a female's name. But I was a male. I was the first child and the only one in my family.

I started showing tourist around, since I was in University in the year 2008 as a part time job to help one of my cousin who also work as driver and tour guide. From him I learned how to be a good driver and how to be a good guide. To earn money actually was the first reason why I did the job. I needed to pay for my studies at that time and also to help my family income because my parents just work as farmers. However, the more I took tourists for a tour, the more I felt that this job made me more proud to be Balinese. I find that working as a Bali driver and tour guide and experiencing the deeper and hidden part of Bali is quite enjoyable as I have more chances to personally meet people from various areas, cultures and intellectual backgrounds.

I will make you discover and explain many things about the island of Bali. Not only because of money, but more than that. Showing people around to see the real Bali is my personal satisfaction. Having a new friend from another country, knowing a bit of their stories about their respective countries. This makes me even more excited to lead this job.

So, what are you waiting for? Come on join me to be Balinese and to explore the hidden part of Bali!
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Reviews (6)

  • Water Water

    Refreshing, interesting experience

    This is the description on your site:
    "Itinerary for the day:
    - Consultation with the shaman healer. You can ask about your future, your relationships, and whatever else you would like to know (30 - 45 minutes per person). "

    Which tells me the experiene INCLUDES this consultation. HOWEVER, when I spoke to Wayan Juli, he said this was NOT the case. That the palm reader is a separate, additional appointment.

    Which leaves me confused because based on your description of the itinerary, a 30-45 minute sitting with a shaman healer is INCLUDED IN THE ITINERARY. However, based on the guide, it isn't - and he told me "shaman healer" and "palm reader" are one and the same person.

    Definitely NOT pleased about this. Could someone please CLARIFY this matter.

  • Arjae Vryan Arjae Vryan

    Awesome! Best birthday celebration ever.

    First, thanks to the customer support who assisted me when the booking was rescheduled. Thank you Julien! I appreciate your time calling me and helping me out.

    Since Wayan wasn't around, Nyoman took over and he's the man! He picked me up in my hotel and had good conversations on spirituality and bits and pieces of Balinese traditions and culture. I've never forget how he explained how we are all connected - no matter where you're from or what you're religion is.

    Nyoman walked me through the details of the ritual and explained the symbolism of each - from the flowers, to the prayers needed to be said and down to practices on showing respect. He guided me throughout the water cleansing and explained each station/fountain and how to do it right. He suggested to do it how he would do it as well. The whole ritual was invigorating. Nyoman also helped me taking photos and videos and it was nice of him to go through each phase with explanation.

    After the visit to the temple, Nyoman took me to this food place where they serve Indonesian food and it was delicious! He said that he also takes his family/friends there to eat so it's good I also get to experience it myself.

  • Malinda Malinda

    I had such a lovely day. My guide was so patient answering all my questions and looked after me very well. Excellent experience. Recommend bringing a change of clothes and a towel!

  • Sherice Sherice

    This was a phenomenal experience. Our Tour Guide Wayan is and excellent guide, and he helped us to do the right things during our cleansing. It was so cool to be doing it along with the locals.

  • Julie Julie

    We are regular visitors to Bali and have been many times. My daughter and I participated in the Spiritual Cleansing Ritual and experienced one of the very best days that we have had in Bali. Our tour guide , Wayan was outstanding. He was full of historical and cultural information. He was also very friendly and helpful. Our tour started by early morning pick up in Seminyak and a full day on the road. On our way to the cleansing we visited a healer/palm reader named Agus. What an amazing experience this was! Thoroughly recommended. Then on to the freshness of the springs for the cleansing. Wow! We loved it! The water, the atmosphere, the ambiance, etc was something that I could not describe , you have to experience! We then had a delicious Indonesian lunch in an amazing rice paddy field. We were totally isolated and felt serenity, like never before. I could not recommend this tour highly enough and my 14 yo daughter felt the same. Loved every minute of the tour and our fabulous tour guide and would easily participate again!

  • Kylie Kylie

    Insightful experience

    Wayan is great guide,very well spoken and happy to share information on traditional Balinese customs.Very accomodating and welcoming.A real privilege to be able to participate in a traditional experience and gain knowledge.Would recommend this tour to anyone wanting to learn more about Balinese culuture.Positive review!