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Important Information

This experience is suitable for people of all ages and experience levels. (Our record to date is a 1.5 year old baby swimming with our sharks!)

Children under 5 can join for free.

What you need to bring

Swimwear and a change of clothes. Towels will be provided.

Meet your host :
Bali Sharks
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Bali Sharks is Bali's original marine adventure that offers guest a safe & personal interaction with sharks.

Bali Sharks is a conservation nursery offering an alternative to young sharks being killed for food. The eco-tour is ocean friendly for all ages & experience levels. Even non-swimmers can enjoy feeding & up close encounters! The tour also visits the Turtle Conservation and Education Center. Free transportation with drinks & meal provided.
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Reviews (7)

  • RJ RJ

    This experience was simply heartwarming. Watching Paul and team care for the sharks like they were their own babies really showed me a different side to these beautiful creatures. I really enjoyed petting, feeding, and swimming with the sharks, especially the one they affectionately called "Pepper" due to its skin condition. Received much more than just an exciting experience. Received newfound insights & compassion for nature.

  • Sameer Sameer

    Not sure what was more exciting, swimming with the sharks or hearing Paul's stories about the corridors he had to go through just to have a chance at saving these amazing creatures. The whole team is great and take care of you from the word go. The way they are breeding and taking care of the sharks is very appreciable given the finances they have. Highly recommended!

  • Gulnara Gulnara

    Great experience...

    Me and my 7 years old son loved the whole experience... very smooth dot on time pick by car, great short boat ride, have the great well behaved baby sharks swim around is.,, fab !!! And we luckily were only people for the whole 2 hours... my son even learned how to catch small crab to feed sharks... the great food, the a ride in a car to the turtle clinic. My son adopted a baby turtle for 150 000 rdi and named him a Bubble then released him to the's been 6 hours now and I hear "I miss Bubble "... loved the whole experience!!! Worth every penny I paid for!

  • Jade Jade

    Really not impressed about the price or experience at all

    I went with my partner and we were not impressed. We payed alot of money to go to this which we understood that it was for conservation saving the sharks from fishermen and it just did not meet the expectations we had from the site. We almost had no room to move around in, its a very small area and the water was very murky so we couldnt really get any photos or see very much, which brings me onto the turtle section, as a lover of marine wildlife i found the whole experience of this just cruel, large turtles in buckets that couldnt move around and a huge 50 year old turtle that just shouldnt be there, we felt like the people there were more concerned about selling us souvenirs than about the animals that were there and we walked out feeling pretty angry

  • Jean Jean

    Amazing experience - must do!!

    Wow what an amazing experience, sooo happy I did go and visit and not only make a difference in supporting the amazing efforts they do in conserving the Sharks in Bali I got to swim with Sharks, feed them, touch them, literally chill out with them and swim and there's more!!! I was honoured to witness them receiving a new born black tip that morning and shared an amazing morning it was so happy it was mind blowing, it literally kept nudging me for attention while I was swimming with it in the enclosure with the other was so happy it kept playing with us...constantly swimming to me for me to touch it and swimming to me nudging me for affection and attention it is something I will never forget, it would swim to me and slide along me and let me like pat it and stroke it, I would not believe it if I had not experienced it....amazing..I fell in love with this beautiful creature and am blown away by the entire experience. Thank you Paul and your team for your hospitality and letting me visit and experience something wonderful, keep up the amazing work!

  • anna anna

    An absolute must, totally great!

    Did this on a whim, booked the night before. It was INCREDIBLE! The sharks are amazing, we swam with three different types in two enclosures, you can tell they are really well looked after and they are super friendly! Sean took us out, he is doing research on shark behaviours and was so engaging and answered all of our questions. Ill never forget this experience for my whole life.

  • Robbie S Robbie S

    My wife & I visited Shark Island and we enjoyed it so much. All the staff were extremely friendly and informative. It was an amazing experience being able to swim with and touch the sharks in the nursery, something impossible to put into words and photo's don't do it justice.
    Paul and team are doing a great job for such a worthwhile cause, it's refreshing to see people have so much enthusiasm for what they do.
    Also included in the package is a trip to a Turtle Conservation Centre and lunch in a restaurant looking out into the sea.
    If sharks aren't your 'thing', then I recommend going anyway... You'll be sure to come back with a different opinion.
    Thoroughly recommended