See Wild Snakes in the Jungles at Night

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Important Information

Malaria tablets will be provided for every guest.
Let me know what you want to look out for, be it black orchids and butterflies or snakes and monkeys. I will bring you to the best area to see these.

What you need to bring

Long pants & covered shoes

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Hello, my name is Shinta and I'm the director of Bali Reptile Rescue

We are a nonprofit that provides free snake removal and reptile education services in Bali, all proceeds from our tours go towards protecting and rescuing these snakes from being killed by people and releasing them back into the jungles. Come join me on one of my reptile tours and prepare for an unforgettable adventure.

There is only a very small group of us but we have over 60 years between us experience in saving reptiles and other wildlife. That experience lets us know exactly how to make the best wildlife related tours...
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Reviews (6)

  • Samuel Samuel

    highlight of our trip

    This was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had!They picked us up on motorbikes and took us all over the place which by itself was really fun. We saw many species of snakes and lizards. We got to release a viper which we got to handle with their help as well as finding and handling a poisonous sea snake and many other species. The guides were very knowledgeable, fun,and obviously cared and respected the species we encountered. Me and my husband had a great time!

  • Suet Ying Suet Ying

    Great experience in the RICE FIELD instead in the jungles

    Augus, the guide, is really an experienced guide. He brought me to the rice field and the coast to search for sea snakes and other snakes. NOT IN THE JUNGLE! thats a nice experience to me:)

  • Kurt Kurt

    Me and my girlfriend had a really good time, our guide was excellent, gave us a good understanding about Bali Reptile Rescue. We encountered a lot of reptiles that night, very fun as a first experience, glad to see they cared about there animals, removing ticks and parasites from the snakes we found then letting us release there nursed snakes into the wild.

  • Vincent Vincent

    A night out with snakes

    I had an amazing time with Agus in the wild. He was very knowledgeable about snakes and I learnt a lot! I had the chance to see a couple of dozen of snakes from 6 different species. I definitely recommend this experience!

  • Runita Runita

    Fun and exciting night

    We recently went on the tour to see wild snakes in the jungle. It was an awesome experience. At first we were nervous but as soon as we saw our first snake the excitement kicked in. Our guides Agus and Bruno were very knowledgeable about snakes and did a great job finding the snakes we were interested in seeing. We felt comfortable with them. We got to see 6 species of snakes including a python and a viper. They also took us to the depot where we got to handle the rescued snakes and then to the beach to look for sea krates which we found. It was an amazing experience and If you are into snakes I would highly recommend this tour.

  • courtney courtney

    Waste of time

    Didn't start off the tour at their depot like the description on the website said because I was told they didn't have many animals there at the time. They did a animal release the night before so on my tour there was nothing to do but search for animals but that was fine with me. I didn't get any malaria tablets like the description said either but thats probably becaise we weren't really in the jungle, we were just in the countryside at night. I really hate when the actual tour is nothing like the description, its just deceptive. Especially for the amount of money they want.

    After two hours all we saw were some tiny water snakes and tree snakes, it was really boring and my guides were trying to milk every encounter for what it was worth because theyknew it was boring. I would take three photos and then she would ask for my phone to take more photos. I don't need 12 photos of a water snake, its not going to make it more interesting.

    While on the tour she got a call from someone who needed a snake removed but said we couldn't go because it was an hour away. That would have been way more exciting than what we were doing! Plus we still had a few more hours left into the tour since it ends around 1am. So instead I stood around for 10 minutes while she arranged for someone else to go remove the snake.

    After about another 45 minutes I couldn't take it anymore. I asked to be taken back to town because I was bored and I felt like I had been mislead. My guide apologized and said this area didn't have many snakes but another area was known for cobras etc. So why the hell didn't we go to that area? Why did we just spend hours wandering around only to find a few tiny snakes in an area she knows doesn't have many snakes? The only interesting snake we came across was one I found myself, my guide actually walked past it.

    Do yourself a favor and skip this one. But if you still want to do it call ahead and ask if they are at least going to do an animal release that night or if you will get a chance to see animals at their depot. Of all my Bali expereinces on Voyagin this is the only one I did not enjoy. Oh yeah and I told my guides I have asthma but they kept smoking their cigarettes around me anyway.