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Travel around Bali safely and efficiently with this Kura Kura Bus pass! Kura Kura Bus is a public shuttle bus that connects popular tourist spots in Bali, and with this pass, enjoy an all-you-can-ride service for all routes while you are in Bali!

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  • Travel safely and efficiently around Bali with Kura Kura Bus!
  • Public shuttle bus service that connects popular tourist spots in Bali!
  • 8 different routes available covering most area in Bali!
  • All-you-can-ride 3-day or 7-day bus pass available at affordable price!
  • Convenient online booking

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DFS Bus Bay, the main hub for Kura Kura Bus

Important Information

- Valid for all lines
- Child 2 years and under, using the same seat as an adult, can travel for free
- Children using their own seat will be charged for normal price
- You can download the route map here: http://voyag.in/kurakuraroutemap
- You can download the timetable here: http://voyag.in/kurakuratimetable

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Reviews (11)

  • Pauline Joyce Pauline Joyce

    Nice and safe

    I had a 3 day pass but unfortunately i only used it for my last day, but still the experience that i had was very nice. Friendly and welcoming drivers i was riding the kuta and legian line. I forgot the name of the drivers but i was always riding in the front seat to have a little chat with them and to know the place itself. Very nice experience, though i only used it for a day but i think my money didnt go any wasted.

  • Bonnie Bonnie

    The routes are very easy to understand!

    Should consider this as the best alternative to travel around Bali safely and conveniently without hurting your travel budget!
    The routes are very easy to understand, and I really love the fact that this bus runs from early in the morning to late night everyday!

  • Charlie Charlie

    From Jimbaran to Ubud, this bus takes you all around Bali!

    From the mountain to the seaside, this bus runs all around Bali!
    You can travel easily with low fare from central Bali to Ubud or Jimbaran with Kura Kura Bus!
    Very convenient bus equipped with comfortable seats!

  • Miranda Miranda

    Love this bus so much!

    Really love this bus so much, and I always use this bus when I am traveling alone in Bali!
    Safest way for ladies to explore Bali, as this bus runs everyday with various routes!
    Strongly recommend you to buy the pass beforehand to avoid the long line at the bus ticket counters!

  • Katie Katie

    Very convenient, reasonable, and safe!

    I was very low in budget when I visited Bali last time, so I decided to buy the Kura Kura Bus Pass as an alternative to rental car.
    Very convenient, and the routes were easy to understand.
    Perfect way to travel around Bali safely and cheaply!

  • Tyler Tyler

    Best alternative to car rental!

    Love Kura Kura Bus so much!
    Very convenient and affordable, way much cheaper than renting a car and driver, and way much safer than grabbing the cab on the street!
    This bus takes you to any area in Bali, from Ubud to Jimbaran, you can go anywhere with this wonderful bus!

  • Selena Selena

    Safe way for ladies to explore Bali!

    Kura Kura Bus is very safe, efficient, and convenient.
    The bus runs everyday, from early in the morning and late night.
    Strongly recommended if you're having a girl trip in Bali by yourself, as hopping on Kura Kura Bus is way much safer than grabbing the cab on the street.

  • Robert Robert

    Efficient way to travel around Bali!

    I always make sure that I purchase the Kura Kura Bus pass when I'm in Bali!
    This pass is very efficient, as it offers various routes all around Bali.
    Very comfortable and safe, strongly recommended if you're staying in Bali for more than 3 days!

  • Kaori Kaori

    コスパが非常にいい! そして女性も安心に移動できる!

    バリは何度目か来たけど、最初からKura Kura Busのパスを買っておけばよかったなーってこの間初めて後悔した!

  • Kohei Kohei


    初めてのバリ旅行で、正直不安だったけど、Kura Kura Busのパスを買っておいて、よかったと思った!

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  • Kura Kura Bus by Kura Kura Bus (CC BY 2.0 creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/) #1