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Challenge yourself with a climb up Mount Agung, the highest (and holiest) peak in Bali for the island's most spectacular sunrise. On a clear day, you will enjoy a 360-degree view of Bali and even Lombok!

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  • Enjoy the best panorama in Bali with views to Lombok, Mount Rinjani and Java
  • See the spectacular sunrise from Bali's highest peak
  • Challenge yourself with an amazing hike
  • Go exploring with the best hiking guides from the Agung area
  • Solo travelers are more than welcome to book

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==> When you make the booking, please let me know which starting point you'd like. So we can give you the exact pick-up time at your hotel.

Important Information

Mount Agung is a relatively strenuous hike, so please try to do some physical training before you sign up. We recommend running uphill as much as you can prior to coming. If you are afraid of heights, we strongly recommend you don't come

==> When you make the booking, please let me know which starting point you'd like.

What you need to bring

Good walking shoes
Down jacket because it can get very cold up the mountain (as low as 11 degrees celsius)

Meet your host :
Bali Sunrise Trekking and Tours
  • Bahasa Indonesia (Fluent)
  • English (Fluent)

Our trekking agency, founded in 2006 is specialized in Batur and Agung Trekking. You will start Batur's hike from a private path, with the best guides on the island. They are all very qualified and English speakers.

By booking with us, we guarantee you that your hike will be the highlight of your holidays !
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Reviews (25)

  • Amanda Amanda

    Extremely rewarding hike!

    Hiking with Gede was amazing! What the other reviewers said is completely on point with how I felt. Normally, I read reviews for hikes and take it with a grain of salt because everyone has their own level of ability. I'd say most people that sign up to hike Agung are fit- these reviews are on point! It was challenging but doable. Lots of sliding on my bum going down, knees definitely hurt, and had to take breaks here and there. It took us longer to go down than up. Gloves were mandatory for me, extra layers, rain coat, hat, good shoes, and lots of water. Despite the challenges, Gede was a perfect guide. He paced me going up so I didnt burn out my legs for the decend. He walked ahead of me moving branches, creating safe steps, and assessing the path. If you're fit, have good endurance, no injuries...you can do this hike! Congrats in advance :)

  • Desmond Desmond

    An incredible challenging hike that's well worth it.

    Summitting Mt. Agung to catch the sunrise is an amazing experience. The hike itself is incredibly challenging, both the ascent (about 6-7 hours) and descent (about 4-5 hours). Constantly uphill from the base of the climb, and the gradient kicks in from about the 2nd hour onwards. The descent is really challenging and can take its toll on joints. All in all, a fun hike, but tough.

  • Yu Yu

    Couldn't be better

    I booked by myself. They are so kind and tried to do all my favor. Trekking was really hard, but the guide helped me and supported me. Actually, I couldn't reach the top, but even though the viewing was beautiful. I'm gonna come back. Thank you for your everything.

  • Craig Craig

    Fantastic experience but be warned, not for the faint-hearted!

    This was arguably one the most challenging experiences both mentally and physically I have done for a very long time but equally one of the best!

    This hike is extremely challenging and should not be attempted without doing some form of exercise or training before hand. However, I would do it all over again as it truly is an awesome test and the rewards at the top are well worth it.

    Speaking of which, unfortunately for my trip up we experienced awful weather at the summit, it was foggy, wet and very windy and sadly couldn't see more than 10 metres past our noses and thus no sunrise to watch. We could only imagine how incredible the view from up would have been on any other day. Mother Nature seemed to play a cruel practical joke on us but I suppose that's just the way things go sometimes.

    A few more tips should you wish to take this challenge on:
    1. regardless of how hot it is when you start, make sure you take some warm clothing (preferably waterproof) with you, it does get cold up there!
    2. take along some high energy food/drink as you will certainly need this along the way. (Snacks are also provided by the guides but take some extra)
    3. Wear proper shoes!! the route is challenging and treacherous and good quality shoes are a must!

    All in all, I would highly recommend this experience to anyone but would equally stress the importance of being in a reasonable shape before attempting. Our guide, Gede was an absolute pleasure and helped us along the way so thanks to him as well.

    With most of these experiences, transfers to and from your hotels are included.

    Thanks again for an incredible experience, my body was in bits the next day but we were so proud to have completed this challenge and get to the top. Hopefully next time (and we will be back to do it again) we will enjoy a sunrise and the spectacular views over Bali.

  • Kang Kang

    Great experience

    It was a great experience of climbing the highest mountain in Bali. It took about four and half hours from middle of the mountain to the peak. Sunrise usually comes out on 6.30.

  • Chase Chase

    Amazing experience

    Amazing, rewarding sunrise views to be had from the summit of Bali's highest peak. The guide we had was amazing as well.

  • Dylan Dylan

    Absolutely amazing

    Gede was nothing short of brilliant. He paced it perfectly all the way to the top and made sure I was okay the whole time. We had many conversations and he became a good friend almost instantly. I highly recommend this hike. It isn't easy but it's a true physical and mental challenge

  • Andrew Andrew

    Brilliant. Tough climb but so, so worth it.

    Gede was a great guide. The experience was fantastic. This is NOT an easy hike. The air gets thin - in fact it is 30% thinner at the summit than at sea level.

    Very, very lucky to have a clear morning, no rain, no cloud and light wind at the summit.

    Take plenty of water and nutrition as your body smashes through calories.

    Overall great guide, great experience. Thanks Gede!

  • Stephanie Stephanie

    Climb to the roof of Bali!

    I had a great hiking up Mount Agung! The sunrise from the top was breath-taking and my guide set a great pack to ensure we made it to the top!! He also was a great photographer! I have great photos!! The guide got us up and down safely even though the hike was a difficult one! Coffee and breakfast provided!

    I had also made a mistake in the booking date and the company accommodated my short notice date change easy without issue! They also provided me with a jacket when I hadn''t brought one.

  • Silvia Silvia

    A once in a lifetime experience! But...

    First of all, the guide, Gede, he is the best guide I ever had. He really pulled me through the amazing but heavy hike. I don't know if I would have made it without him (and my friend). Reaching the top was worth it and the view of the volcano, sunrise and being above the clouds was breathtaking. So was the trip by the way. I have to say, you really, and I mean really! have to be fit and have a strong will. The hike was tough, also for us, who are quite experienced. And it was so cold on the top (5 Celsius). So if you plan doing this, take lots of thermo clothes with you, even hand gloves and a hat are needed. And good shoes, a bag to put your breakfast in, your perfect health and all your mental strenghts!

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