About Voyagin

Guide books give you a list of sites to visit. Voyagin helps you discover and book authentic local experiences.

As passionate travelers ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to uncover true authenticity in a foreign destination. The most useful information is scattered, buried and sometimes in a different language. Often, it is also difficult to filter out the best things to do, especially when you don’t have local friends.

Meet Voyagin

Our mission: to present you with only the best experiences in Asia and help facilitate greater interaction with the locals, so you can truly experience Asia's culture, natural beauty and personality through their eyes.

Why should you book an experience with us?

1. Our amazing discoveries in Asia

We are passionate about unearthing hidden treasures, and we've trawled our destinations to identify experiences you can't find on your own. Want to take sword fighting classes from Kill Bill's choreographer? Check. How about meeting the washermen of Mumbai? Done. What about enjoying a royal feast in a 300-year-old temple in Bali? We've got you covered.

2. We bring you only the best

We curate our experiences and pre-screen our hosts in person or on Skype, only accepting those with stellar reviews or recommendations from personal contacts. This means that everything you see here is either something we’ve tried or many others have vouched for. And, don’t just take our word for it, check out our community’s reviews to see what they loved most.

3. Our awesome customer service

Think of this travel-obsessed team as your personal concierge - you can live chat, email or call us anytime, anywhere. Our ultimate goal is to make your trip unforgettable.

So whether you're looking to achieve enlightenment in the mountains, befriend a local entrepreneur, or explore hidden underwater treasures with expert divers, we can help you uncover these valuable new experiences -- at any price point.

We hope you'll come on a journey with us and be inspired to explore the riches Asia has to offer.

How it works

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    STEP 1


    Select your desired destination and browse our available experiences to create your own itinerary

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    STEP 2


    Once you find an experience you love, click the Book It button and enter your payment information to reserve it. You can even contact the host beforehand if you have any questions about availability. Hosts have 3 days or until your preferred date/time, whichever is sooner, to confirm your booking, and once this is done, their contact details and other specifics will be shared with you

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    STEP 3


    Before you leave for your trip, send a message to your host to confirm your meeting location and get ready to experience something new! After having an amazing time, don't forget to leave a review to help future guests and reward your host


  • review picture Stasia

    Stasia / U.S.

    Junnosuke is my nine-year-old son's hero! Being taught by a very experienced black belt master was a wonderful way to be exposed to Japanese culture. We both really enjoyed his teachings and Harry has now developed a new fascination for karate! Thank you!

    Take Karate Lessons from a Black Belt Master

  • review Emma-Rose

    Emma-Rose / Australia

    As a 20-year-old girl travelling alone, I was praying for someone to come along to show me around! God answered my prayers with Hideka! We went out to a club and danced and partied until morning... After, she even took me for some delicious ramen. The night ended up being way more fun than I expected and I now have awesome new friends and memories that will last a lifetime! Hideka is so unique and by far the nicest chick I've met here in Japan!!! I definitely recommend this tour to everyone.

    Enjoy Bar and Nightlife in Kyoto with Transexual

  • review picture Sujata Quek

    Sujata Quek / Singapore

    Exciting, intriguing and mouth-watering are words to describe Keiko’s cooking sessions at her studio just a stone’s throw away in Kawasaki. From the novice to the skilled, Keiko will ensure you learn something new to try at home and most importantly, you have fun! Having attended a session with three other friends, we got to cook two Japanese dishes with two more being demonstrated by Keiko herself. If you have burning questions about the sumptuous art of the Japanese or Korean cuisine, feel free to ask and I guarantee you’ll be much wiser in your culinary skills and knowledge! Thanks to this opportunity, I am motivated as ever to experiment and impress in the kitchen now! :-)

    Cook a Healthy Japanese Homestyle Dish

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